WWE Rumors, Spoilers: ‘Raw’ Brings The Return Of The Undertaker – Heel Turn?, Crazy For Brock Lesnar

Last week was absolutely gigantic as Shane McMahon shocked the world with his return to WWE and his plan to take over Monday Night Raw. This week, The Undertaker is returning to WWE after three months away, and not only will he comment on his WrestleMania 32 match inside Hell in a Cell, but rumors are swirling that he may turn heel and align with Vince McMahon. Much more is going to happen, so check out the preview and some spoilers for Raw.

The “Five-Point Preview” for Monday night’s show has been revealed by WWE.com, and it details what looks to be a huge show this week. The build for WrestleMania 32 is going strong, but only three matches are confirmed and more to likely be added each week.

The Undertaker rises on Raw

He hasn’t been seen since November, but now the “Deadman” is returning to WWE television, and no-one is quite sure what he’s going to say or do. Rumors have it that The Undertaker is going to turn heel and join forces with Vince McMahon to prepare for his match against Shane McMahon.

wwe wrestlemania 32 undertaker shane mcmahon [Image via WWE]On the other hand, The Undertaker could show up, not say a whole lot, and just know that he’s there to do a job and win at WrestleMania. This will be his 24th appearance at the big Pay-Per-View, and he just wants to win in his home state, no matter who stands across from him.

Make or break for Roman Reigns

This past Monday night on Raw, Triple H came out during the main event and absolutely decimated Roman Reigns. There was blood. There was a broken nose. There was more blood. There was a DX chop and there was a Pedigree onto the steel steps.

Even though Reigns had surgery to fix a broken nose, Wrestling Inc. is saying that he wasn’t injured at the hands of Triple H. Apparently, Reigns’ issues with his nose happened in a recent house show match against Sheamus and the surgery was legit, but just built into the current storyline.

Who will face Charlotte at WrestleMania?

On Raw, new friends Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch will have a number one contender’s match to determine who will face Charlotte for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania 32. If given enough time, this could be an incredible match if WWE gives it the time the ladies deserve.

Now, rumors have begun flying around that the Divas Title could be defended by Charlotte in a triple threat match. No-one would be disappointed at all if Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks took place at WrestleMania 32.

Crazy like a fox

Last week, Dean Ambrose got absolutely decimated at the hands of Brock Lesnar, but it didn’t stop the “Lunatic Fringe” from challenging the “Beast Incarnate” to a No Holds Barred Street Fight. It was accepted by Paul Heyman on behalf of his client

wwe rumors wrestlemania 32 dean ambrose brock lesnar spoilers [Image via WWE]WWE is making it seem as if Lesnar is going to be present on Monday night, but he’s not advertised on the Live Events page. This is one of the matches that fans are wanting to see most, and it’s going to be great build-up and absolutely brutal once it takes place in early April.

Boyz will be Boyz

Even though a huge TLC triple threat match has been rumored for quite some time now, it looks like WWE has other plans for the Dudley Boyz and The Usos. For now, those two teams are dishing it out with each other while The New Day appear busy with the League of Nations.

Still, WWE is hinting that the WWE Tag Champs could get involved in this feud as they keep pushing the new motto of Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley – “They’re no mere nostalgia act — they’re WWE Tag Team Championship contenders.”

Monday Night Raw was huge last week with the return of Shane McMahon to WWE, and the huge announcement of his WrestleMania 32 match against The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. Now, the “Deadman” is coming back on Monday, the build to the huge PPV is continuing, and things are going to get seriously out of hand.

[Image via WWE]