Ben Affleck Comforted By Matt Damon After Jennifer Garner’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Divorce Talk

Ben Affleck confides in Matt Damon after Jennifer Garner divorce Vanity Fair interview

Just days after Jennifer Garner opened up about her divorce from Ben Affleck in Vanity Fair, the actor braved photographers while attending William Morris Endeavors’ pre-Oscar party on Friday evening, looking anything but pleased or happy.

While it’s unclear on whether or not Ben knew about his ex-wife’s interview beforehand, the Hollywood star could not get himself to form one smile as he exited the building following an eventful night with his closest pal, Matt Damon.

Damon, who was also at the party, was said to have been a rock for Affleck during his marriage problems, which evidently led to the couple’s divorce filing. Several reports had claimed at the time that Ben would spend endless nights over at Damon’s house due to the ongoing arguments he would have with Jennifer at their family home.

Ben Affleck most certainly wasn’t in the laughing mood, reportedly only sharing a moment of happiness when he met up with his best friend at the event. Matt has been gracious enough to not only make his home available to Ben, but he was also very instrumental in Ben’s decision to keep fighting for his marriage — right until the Hollywood pair knew it wasn’t going to work anymore.

“They were very engaged with each other and looked very happy to be hanging out like old friends that didn’t skip a beat. Ben did not seem like he was in the party mode but Matt was smiling a lot. Ben was more into just seeing Matt and catching up. When they first saw each other, they gave a man hug filled with love.”

Ben may have been shocked at the thought of his wife publicly speaking out about the couple’s divorce, and though she never refers to any specific things that caused her marriage to fall apart, her wordings made it clear that Affleck became increasingly stubborn in the relationship.

ben affleck jennifer garner pre-divorce
“He’s just a complicated guy. I always say, ‘When his sun shines on you, you feel it.’ But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow,” the actress told Vanity Fair, insinuating that the marriage downfall ultimately came down to Ben’s choices, not hers.

Jennifer then goes on to admit that she somewhat blamed herself for not being able to make the marriage work, despite having lasted for a whopping 10 years. She admits to having found it really hard telling the couple’s kids about their parents splitting, knowing that she will never share the dance with Ben at one of their children’s wedding.

All in all, the interview was telling enough. Meanwhile, aside from having made an appearance at the pre-Oscars party, Ben Affleck has kept a rather low profile in recent months, hoping that the scandals surrounding his private life would finally fade away.

One story that Jennifer did want to clear up during the interview, though, were the reports claiming that the couple’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, was to blame for their split. Jen stresses that the duo had split months prior to the false allegations that were made, claiming that Ben Affleck had not cheated on her with the nanny.

While his ex-wife has made it relatively known that she was hurt about the split, she wants nothing but the best for Ben’s future. And while that may be the case, Affleck has given anything but happy signs as of late, always looking grumpy and moody whenever he is spotted out in public.

Could the aging actor be regretting the decisions made which may have played a part in ruining what was once considered the strongest marriage in Hollywood?

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