Twitter Rant From Aaron Carter Goes Viral When He Shows Support For Donald Trump

Earlier today, a Twitter rant from Aaron Carter erupted when his followers and others on Twitter responded not so favorably to his announcement that he was supporting Donald Trump for president. While he had plenty of trolls that jumped at the opportunity to mock him, he also has many fans that jumped to his defense.

Twitter rant by Aaron Carter [Image via Peter Dzubay/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0]It all started around noon, when Aaron Carter responded to a tweet from Donald Trump about the fact that Trump’s political campaign is self-funded, and that no one controls him. Trump insinuated that other presidential candidates – specifically Cruz and Rubio – who have to depend on funding from large corporations, do not have the luxury of having their own opinions.

Aaron responded by saying,


Almost immediately, other twitter users started to attack him for his views and have a good rant of their own. In fact, it went way beyond his political views, and got very personal. People went on their own Twitter rants to call him a has-been, a loser, a meth user, a crack dealer, being anti-LGBT, and more.

One of the biggest issues people seem to have with Aaron’s support of Trump is his lack of LGBT support. As of this writing, Carter is still defending himself on Twitter about this issue, saying that if Trump does not support LGBT issues then he will NOT vote for him. Although, Carter has said several times that he is done, the rant does not appear to be over yet.

Even James Corden jumped in to retweet him and share his two cents.


Everything might have silently tapered off if it weren’t for the fact that Carter went on a full fledged Twitter rant that went on and on. In fact, Aaron has been tweeting off and on for about eight hours now and although it has tapered off, it could continue for awhile yet.

Both Aaron Carter and his Twitter rant were trending on Twitter off and on for a good portion of the afternoon.

So what’s all the fuss about? What exactly has Aaron Carter been saying in his Twitter rant that has people all worked up?

He started by responding to Trump’s original tweet by simply declaring his support for Trump as president.

When people started to question him, attack him, and generally question his beliefs, he stood up for himself – sometimes not so politely, using curse words and attacking back.

Here’s a sampling of his Twitter rant:


The Huffington Post reported that Aaron’s rant on Twitter went further when Carter went on Periscope to continue to share how he felt about the whole ordeal.

“Carter then said he had the freedom to support who he wants and reiterated that he’s a big supporter of the gay community. He said he went on Periscope because things were getting out of hand.”

Aaron Carter does still have a lot of fans though, and many of them jumped to his defense in the midst of his rant. Not all of them agreed with his stance on Donald Trump, but they defended his right to have his own opinions.

One fan made a graphic to defend Carter’s right to have his own voice.


When a Twitter fan offered to “take out” the people that were “bullying” Carter, he responded by saying,


This isn’t the first time that things have gotten heated up with a Twitter rant on Carter’s Twitter account. According to People Magazine, Aaron went on a rant towards the end of 2015 where he, “sent out a series of heartbroken tweets about a relationship, prompting many to believe he was in the midst of a mental breakdown.”

Aaron Carter may not be the most popular celebrity on Twitter, but he does have a large following, with just over half a million followers. His Twitter fans are very engaged and follow him closely. They often respond to his tweets and Carter is equally responsive to them. He often replies to their tweets, or retweets them to show his agreement. He’s not afraid of stating his opinion on Twitter, and he will defend his right to have an opinion on the political candidates.

[Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision/AP]