J.C. Penney Sale: ‘One Penny’ #SoWorthIt Sale Starts February 28, Leaves J.C. Penney Employees In The Dark

There’s been buzz about the J.C. Penney sale that will offer items for only one penny, as reported by the Inquisitr, ever since J.C. Penney released the news that it would sell certain items for only one cent. Such a feat has shoppers buzzing about how to get J.C. Penney sale items for only a penny online and in the brick-and-mortar J.C. Penney stores, starting February 28.


J.C. Penney Clarifies ‘One Penny’ Sale On February 28 — Future In-Store 1-Cent Sales Require No Additional Purchase

However, a visit to a local J.C. Penney store in Ohio on Saturday, February 27 — on the evening prior to the much-buzzed-about J.C. Penney one penny sale starting on February 28 — proved that some J.C. Penney employees didn’t know anything about the one penny sale that J.C. Penney has preached. While a Sephora employee that worked inside the Sephora store within a J.C. Penney store didn’t know anything about J.C. Penney’s one cent sale, that could be chalked up to Sephora representing a separate company, even if it is within a J.C. Penney store. The J.C. Penney press release doesn’t mention anything about the Sephora stores participating in the one penny sale.

Yet and still, a J.C. Penney employee also didn’t know anything about the J.C. Penney one penny sale, which could be due to the retailer keeping their own employees in the dark until the actual day of the sale’s start arrives. Or it could be poor communication or other issues. Either way, the J.C. Penney press release gives the type of details that shoppers will no doubt seek as soon as the reported J.C. Penney “one penny sale” commercials begin airing on February 28.

Folks can stayed tuned to Twitter to see what types of J.C. Penney penny deals shoppers actually find. The idea of visiting J.C. Penney stores to find deals for only a penny (and others that require a regular-price item purchase with the penny deal) sounds like a fun treasure hunt, if shoppers are really able to get good deals for a penny.

“To introduce shoppers to the quality and style associated with its private brands, JCPenney will host its first weeklong Penney Days event starting Feb. 28 in stores and at jcp.com. Customers will have the opportunity to buy a regular priced Arizona brand apparel or accessory item and purchase another Arizona apparel or accessory item for just one penny. Upcoming Penney Days will demonstrate the purchasing power of a penny by featuring unique in-store items for one cent with no additional purchase required, while supplies last.

“JCPenney will host Penney Days throughout the year to drive customer excitement and showcase the Company’s broad assortment of private brands that offer the perfect blend of style, quality and value. The Company will promote Penney Days through its weekly sales circulars, digital marketing and via 15-second television spots. JCPenney will also launch a social media campaign reminding users of the power of a penny. All campaign elements will be supported by the hashtag #SoWorthIt.”

Therefore, what is known from the press release is that it will be the first one that lasts for one week and begins February 28 in J.C. Penney stores and online. Apparently, the #SoWorthIt hashtag should keep shoppers informed about the J.C. Penney campaign.

Meanwhile, in the excitement over the one penny sale from J.C. Penney, folks on Twitter are inundating the retailer with questions, like whether or not there’s a list of J.C. Penney stores that are participating in the one penny sale. Others wonder whether or not the J.C. Penney one penny sale will extend to the hair salon services at J.C. Penny. In the end, it just might take a visit to the J.C. Penney store — either online or in real life — to figure out the dirty details of the one penny sale.


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