Could Kaley Cuoco Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’? Chris Harrison Loves The Idea

Kaley Cuoco has never been shy about how much she loves The Bachelor and also Ben Higgins. Now she is single and ready to mingle, so of course her name is coming up as someone that would be great as The Bachelorette. Us Weekly shared that Chris Harrison is even sharing his thoughts on Kaley Cuoco being the one handing out roses and he loves the idea. Putting a celebrity in that spot would be something new for the show.


Now that Ben Higgins’ season is almost over, it will be time to find someone to be The Bachelorette for season 12. Kaley Cuoco just went through a divorce and also just denied rumors that she was dating country singer Sam Hunt. Chris Harrison revealed that he loves the idea of Kaley Cuoco getting the job.

“Kaley would be great. I would love that. She’s an old friend of mine from the ABC days, and I think she likes to drink wine as much as I do.”

Chris Harrison did admit that it’s hard to find a good single celebrity now, but Kaley Cuoco does happen to be one right now. Kaley was even on BachelorLive this season and talked to Ben Higgins and Chris Harrison about the show. Kaley is a huge fan and would totally understand what she was getting into if she became The Bachelorette.


The show has used famous people before, but not someone like Kaley Cuoco. She is on The Big Bang Theory, which is a huge show right now, and everyone knows who Kaley is, so it could end up bring in some huge ratings for them. Normally, they bring in someone who was on a past season of the show.

People recently shared who Kaley Cuoco’s dream date is and this is actually a bit shocking for some people. It does sound like she was just teasing, but Kaley said her dream date would be 93-year-old comic book writer Stan Lee, but that was for her character Penny and not for Kaley herself. When it comes to her dating life, Kaley Cuoco is normally pretty quiet about the man in her life. She has been linked to several famous men though.

Glamour shared that Kaley Cuoco sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared that she is doing a lot better now since her big divorce. She already feels like 2016 is going to be a better year for her than 2015. Kaley’s 2015 was pretty rough, so if she ended up on The Bachelorette then maybe Kaley would find love again and things would be better for her.

Kaley Cuoco had her wedding date tattooed on her back right below her neck, but she got this covered up and now it is a moth. It was big enough to cover up the date and get rid of that constant reminder for her. Kaley acted like there was not much thought put into what she got though. It was simply what Kaley saw at the tattoo shop when she was ready to cover up her wedding date.