'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers -- Order Of Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 9 Of Ben Higgins' Season

Danny Cox

Come Monday, the 2016 season of The Bachelor will air episode 9 of Ben Higgins' time trying to find the love of his life. After that is over, there will be just two episodes remaining and just two ladies as well. Next week, there will not be anyone eliminated or given a rose because it will be the "Women Tell All" special, but then it will be time for the season finale and Ben's final choice.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don't want to know them, stop reading now.

Time is growing short on this season, Ben Higgins has done a lot of things that some may find questionable, but even more are to come. Even Bachelor host Chris Harrison had some strong words for Higgins and what will be shown on the episode with the Fantasy Suite.

— The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) February 27, 2016

Believe it or not, Ben ends up spending the night with all three women on different evenings. It is being said that he does have sex with all of them, and he led each of them to believe that they were "the one," and would be his chosen winner.

Us Weekly did have a source that said Ben Higgins may have given false hope to each of the three finalists -- Caila Quinn, Lauren Bushnell, and JoJo Fletcher.

"Ben was intimate with all the finalists. The women were all so confident in Ben's feelings after the fantasy suite dates."

Episode 10 – This will be the "Women Tell All" special that is going to air on March 7

Here is the one episode of the season that so little is ever known about by anyone reporting spoilers as time goes on. It's also the episode that can bring about some sweet stories and those which are a tad cringe-worthy and uncomfortable depending on how everything went.

Many are going to wonder what Amanda Stanton has to say after having a hometown date with Ben in episode 8, her kids meeting him, and then him sending her home. Will Olivia, the so-called villain who went home in episode 6, have choice words for Ben too?

By the time the "Women Tell All" special is taped, some grudges are gone and others have forgiven, but some never forget.

Still, two women remain

Episode 11 – Season finale from Jamaica airing on March 15

It's time for the final episode and the end of the 2016 season of The Bachelor. Yes, there have been some rather confusing spoilers and hints being thrown around, but Reality Steve is 100 percent confident in how things will end, and it will be with Ben choosing Lauren Bushnell over JoJo Fletcher.

Not only will he choose Lauren B. as the winner, but they are indeed engaged to be married.

Maybe she isn't who the fans or everyone would have hoped for Ben, but she is who he ends up picking at the end. She does get the final rose and his heart so they can hopefully spend the rest of their lives together.

Now, you know all that will happen throughout the rest of this season, but Monday night and the overnight dates are still going to bring a lot of drama. All of that will come with the Fantasy Suite and three little words said time and time again by Ben Higgins.

— The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) February 26, 2016

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