Prince William County: Three Officers Shot — Will Beyonce Be Blamed For This As Well?

Prince William County Police officers were shot Saturday during a response to domestic-related call.


NBC Washington broke the story with reports of the shooting occuring in Prince William County, on the 13000 block of Lashmere Court in Lake Ridge, in Virginia.

As of right now, There is no update on the condition of the Prince William police officers after being shot. Officials aren’t entirely sure about how many police were shot.

On the contrary to NBC’s reports, the Washington Post claims that at least three Prince William County police officers were shot and wounded today.

They also verified that just one person was taken into custody who was involved with the Prince William County Officers being shot.

Prince William County police asked the media and public for patience as they investigate the shooting.


However officers are saying that the shooter is in custody as they later confirmed themselves that a total of three cops were shot.


As a result of the shooting, several roads are blocked in the Delaney Road area while police investigate.

Local Prince William County news station WTVR reports that the officers were transported to Fairfax Hospital and one is in critical condition.

One witness testified that she heard one officer yell to the suspect, “come out with your hands up!”

After the Prince William County officer’s command was ignored, gunshots then ensued and the officer went down, according to the witness. Other neighbors of the spot of the incident claim that the suspects wife was also wounded along with the officer.

No witnesses have come forth on the other two officers being shot yet.

Residents have sent their condolences and prayers for the shot officers on the Prince William County Facebook page already, as police are still investigating before releasing all of the details of the crime.

These three Prince William County police officers in Virginia being shot adds to the grand total of nearly 10 officers shot this year already.

And it could also lead more scapegoating of Beyonce and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, oddly enough.

Three police officers being shot in Prince William County Virginia should seem like a totally isolated incident from the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and Beyonce, but the Inquisitr recently explained why this phenomena is occurring.

A Tennessee Sheriff by the name of Robert Arnold told the media in Rutherford County that when he heard about six shots outside of window in a “drive-by” shooting, he immediately associated with Beyonce’s new “Formation” video and her alleged “Black-Panther-Party-inspired” Super Bowl performance.

What do you think?An Homage to Michael Jackson or "Neo Black Panther?" [Black Panther photo/Getty Images David Fenton, Beyonce, AP Photo/Matt Slocum, Michael Jackson, Getty Images/Steve Granitz] What do you think? An Homage to Michael Jackson or “Neo Black Panther?” [Black Panther photo/Getty Images David Fenton, Beyonce, AP Photo/Matt Slocum, Michael Jackson, Getty Images/Steve Granitz]And what’s more is the fact that Miami Police officers have sworn to boycott Beyonce by not offering her security protection at the beginning of her Formation Tour at the Marlin’s stadium in April.

USA Today reports that the movement was started by Lt. Javier Ortiz, as he called police officers everywhere to follow suit.

Officer Ortiz had this to say of Beyonce.

“She used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message.”

The motive for the initial domestic abuse call and subsequent police officer shooting is still not entirely known, currently, as the story is still developing in Prince William County.

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