One Direction Back Up Crews’ ‘Signs’ 1D Break Up Not Possible

The One Direction hiatus of 2016 has not been sitting well with some fans, and they are always looking for signs of a break up on the horizon. While there are plenty of reports indicating that they are truly taking a temporary break, could the other people essential to the One Direction crew give fans any clues to the contrary?

Since the beginning of 2016, there have been two signals of an inevitable One Direction break up that have involved the backup crew 1D always has around them. For example, Ben Winston, the video and film person for One Direction, is part of the @Fulwell73 company and appears to be taking their hiatus in Los Angeles with the rest of 1D.

Naturally, Ben Winston might be resting on his laurels since his video work for One Direction's "Drag Me Down" won video of the year at the BRIT Awards.

However, around February 1, when One Direction's video team started interviewing with MTV about an upcoming 1D documentary, Ben Winston was under the microscope because fans thought there were insinuations of a One Direction split.

UnReality TV reported Ben Winston very directly shot down any claims that One Direction would be breaking up due to infighting and stated the following.

"I would say, from day one, they're brothers. That's what they are. And they've been that way since day one."
As for other members of One Direction's crew that hold clues about their future, things appear to be calm for Sandy Beales -- but he has been interviewing.

As the bassist for One Direction, Beales would definitely have an inside scoop, but he is not in Los Angeles with everyone else -- and seems to be decidedly in England to get ready for his "English Wedding" with Shanna Beales in a few months.

One Direction will likely not break up according to their backup band.
One Direction's backup band has not given any clues about their breakup after their 2016 hiatus. (Picture by Cooper Neill/Stringer/Getty Images)

On February 23, she tweeted, "108 days till our English wedding...this year is flying by!"

Despite this, at the end of February, Sandy Beale, has been making waves with his comments about 1D at the BRIT Awards and how this could be their final days as a band.

What was in dispute is that insiders close to One Direction have told The Sun that "This could have been one last hurrah for the boys at what could be their last BRIT Awards as a band."

SugarScape writes that Sandy Beales seemed to dispute any ideas that One Direction would be breaking up by stating the following on Twitter.

"Brits were great last night, it's such a telling sign that the lads are still picking up awards. Amazing achievements."
As for the other members of One Direction's backup band and crew, the clues that a breakup might be upcoming are less forthcoming.

One Direction and their backup team might not be giving up clues about whether the band will get back together following their 2016 break.
One Direction fans looking for clues about their intentions to get back together or breakup might not find them with their 1D backup crew. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

For example, Dan Richards, One Direction's guitarist, just left a two-month stint in Minneapolis according to his Instagram. Otherwise, the One Direction guitarist's social media has few clues about what he has been up.

This can be sad for One Direction fans because there were rumors emerging around January 11, that Dan Richards and Liam Payne were working outside of One Direction on music for Enrique Iglesias in Los Angeles, according to CelebMix.

The last time that fans heard from Josh Devine, One Direction drummer, in an interview, was around the first of December 2015 when he was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly.

About the future of One Direction, Josh Devine stated the following.

"I think the fans are never going to let the band die. That's the best bit. And it's never truly gonna end 'cause they'll be back at some point, 100 percent. Even if it's a matter of a year, or a couple of years, however long it's going to be … they'll be back as long as the fans are behind them, which I'm sure they will be. They've been incredible."
Currently, the One Direction drummer has pics on Instagram indicating he has been in Los Angeles lately. Josh Devine has also followed One Direction to Hollywood and has updated their Twitter with Los Angeles/London.

Outside of One Direction, Josh Devine has been working with Colony House and on February 27, on Instagram, he wrote, "Was great hangin with @colonyhouseband yesterday after their incredible show! 4 of the nicest dudes too! Have a great rest of the tour in Europe fellas!"

Jon Shone, the keyboard player for One Direction, is one of the most silent members of the One Direction crew, and his social media did not reveal any new details about One Direction's possible break up.

Adding to the list of places to get clues about the future of One Direction is stylist, Caroline Watson. Watson's social media in early 2016 seems to indicate that she is also basically retiring to run her own business.

Caroline Watson is, in some ways, the one true insider that fans might want to hear give an insider scoop about One Direction and their future.

Important clues that Caroline Watson is part of the One Direction inner circle for the long haul include the fact that she made Zayn Malik the godfather of her child, Brooklyn, according to The Muse.

Unfortunately, like other members of the One Direction backup crew, Caroline Watson also has no recent interviews that give fans an idea about whether they will break up or not.

The same can be said for One Direction's own management team, Modest Management. On social media, they give an occasional shout out to One Direction, but most of their tweets over 2016 have been promoting Hey Violet.

Finally, Paul Higgins, the main security guard for One Direction, appears to be on permanent hiatus running his own security company called All Star Security U.K. Nonetheless, if One Direction went on tour again, it is likely they would use Paul Higgins' services.

One Direction and their backup crews could have clues but security isn't one of them
Nobody can "drag you down" at a One Direction concert … except this shadowy figure in the back. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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