Disney Pixar To Release Newest ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer

Dory fans rejoice! According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney Pixar is releasing the newest Finding Dory trailer, in just a few days. The full-length trailer makes its debut March 2, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Here’s a sneak peek of the excitement to come. The use of the song “Have You Seen Her?” by the Chi-Lites is more than fitting.

The first official trailer generated over 96,000 views in the first hour, when it debuted last November. This definitely reinforces the fact that Dory has a huge fan base all on her own. And why wouldn’t she? Who can resist the forgetful, not to mention delightful, little tang fish?

In the film, which swims into theaters June 17, Dory sets out to find her long-lost parents. Of course, Nemo and a few of her other friends go along for the ride. They won’t be headed to Sydney this time. Some of the adventure takes place at a marine rehabilitation center, where they meet new friends, Destiny and Bailey.

No one is more excited about their continued participation in Nemo and Dory’s adventures than Ellen DeGeneres, the tang’s alter-ego. She’s extremely proactive when it comes to sharing her feelings that fish aren’t brought into the world to be pets, according to her quote on Cinema Blend.

“I think that fish should be in the ocean. It’s what this whole sequel is about: It’s about rehabilitation and putting them back in the ocean … And we have to protect our oceans. Hopefully that discussion starts with this film, because we really need to protect that environment.”

If you’re familiar with other Pixar productions, you’re probably aware that these films always have a deeper message that makes you feel good just watching them. All of these characters do a great job of helping each other and overcoming self-doubt at the same time. Honestly, what could be better than that?

Dory is looked upon as one of Pixar’s most successful supporting characters. Even though it’s been almost 13 years since she was introduced in Finding Nemo, she hasn’t aged a bit — well, almost. In fish years, Finding Dory starts out about six months after Nemo’s adventure left off.

Along with well-known actors such as Willem DaFoe, Diane Keaton, and Ty Burrell, John Ratzenberger also puts his iconic voice to good use. Believe it or not, he’s been involved, voice-wise, in every single Pixar film to date. Ty Burrell, the voice of Bailey, has this to say about his role in the much-anticipated movie:

I’m a huge fan. It’s hard to find that balance of very sweet, very funny and great adventure in a story.”

If you listen closely, you may notice Nemo’s voice has changed a bit. In reality, the same thing happened to Alexander Gould, who provided the original voice. As a result, the new voice of Pixar’s colorful clownfish is made possible by Hayden Rolence. Everybody has to grow up sometime!

Okay. I’m thinking of something orange, and it’s small…”

There’s little doubt Finding Dory will end up being one of those family-friendly films everyone loves. It’s packed with fun, adventure, friendship, and perseverance, all of which are very important when it comes to what matters in life.

A recent ScreenRant post suggests that Pixar’s marketing tactics for the movie are more subtle than usual. But in the end, that may be to the animation studio’s advantage. Finding Dory just might be the quietest one at the party and the biggest hit.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming!”

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney]