Missing Iowa Girls Investigation: Cops May Have A Witness

Authorities may have gotten a big break in the Iowa case of the two missing (possibly abducted) girls. The FBI is now saying that there may have been a witness to the events, and that they are planning to question the individual.

Iowa cousins Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins went missing on July 13th, and after several days of searching, authorities announced that they would be treating the case as an abduction, reports Newser. Days after that, the FBI announced that contrary to the norm is such cases, they have good reason to believe that the girls are alive, but wouldn’t explain any further. Now, an FBI spokeswoman said that investigators are planning on interviewing a person who was reportedly paddle boating on the lake around the time that the girls vanished.

“They believe that person has information,” said FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault. “They really do need to talk with the person.”

Breault said that though this person may have first-hand knowledge of the alleged abduction, he or she is not considered a suspect.

Lyric’s mother agreed today to submit to a polygraph test, signaling another big break in the case. Lyric’s father, Daniel Morrissey, has pulled-out from assisting authorities, while her mother, Misty Cook-Morrissey, has agreed to a second polygraph test, meaning that she has decided to cooperate with the authorities once again. Misty’s sister, Tammy Brousseau, confirmed the former’s involvement in a phone interview with the AP.

“Because Misty did not want to do the second polygraph test at the advice of her attorney, because she didn’t want to be coerced and cornered and told that she did this, there was a little bit of separation. Some of the family members felt, `OK, she’s not cooperating 100 percent.’ I hope that turns around now,” Brousseau said.

“She’s doing it to show that she is cooperating 100 percent so that we can put to rest the idea that there is a family member not cooperating,” she said.

Hopefully these new leads help these little girls find their way back home, and the case of the missing Iowa cousins come to a happy close.