‘Shark Tank’ Has BetterBack 20 Percent Off Deal, Not On QVC — Cryotherapy Hits, Linka, And Teaspressa Tank

The episode of Shark Tank on Friday, February 26, featured a product called BetterBack, which is a device that purports to do exactly what its name claims: give those with back pain a better back. As seen on the Twitter account of Lori Greiner, the Shark Tank shark was proud to send shoppers to a link on QVC where folks can buy their BetterBack products to help their back pain. However, as of this writing, the BetterBack product isn’t listed on QVC. The BetterBack Kickstarter page leads users to the Get BetterBack, which is offering a 20 percent off SHARKTANK coupon code deal “today only,” and a price of $59 for the product.


Lori Greiner said it was “deal time” when she was ready to make a deal for the BetterBack product, as seen in the below video. The BetterBack product goes around the back and straps onto the knees, forcing the wearer into a position that purports to take the pressure off of the back and helps them sit up straighter.


According to Twitter, the #BetterBack deal caused a bit of buzz online.

On Facebook, users like Rhonda Noack Montoya wrote about her experience with BetterBack, writing about how much the product helped her lower back.

“Following up my last post with the second incredible invention that I recently received – the Better Back. I stumbled across this on a KickStarter campaign several months ago, and it looked perfect for me. Sitting in a chair has been uncomfortable for me for many years. This brilliant little gadget makes any seat into an ergonomic, lumbar supportive chair in seconds. (Can’t use it while driving however!). It arrived yesterday, and we used them last night. OMG! Literally within minutes I felt a release in my lower back I haven’t been able to get with anything. Ironically, it was featured on Shark Tank last night too! (I recorded it but haven’t watched it yet). It’s self contained and folds up for easy travel. Think plane, those boring business meetings, church, conventions… So take a look. Everyone with back pain needs this. (Again, I am not selling this. I just know if sharing it helps one person get some relief, I have done my part!)”

While some raved about the Shark Tank-featured BetterBack product, others wondered how useful it would be to have to keep removing the BetterBack product and putting it back on constantly. That didn’t stop the BetterBack Kickstarter campaign from raising $1.2 million and breaking all sorts of records.

Another product featured on the same episode of Shark Tank was Teaspressa, which ended with the Teaspressa business owner in tears in a very moving segment.


According to the Teaspressa Instagram page, there is a high demand for their products, despite the Shark Tank investors not truly understanding the mission and goal of Teaspressa fully. The Teaspressa website features plenty of “tea inspired by coffee” products.

Another Shark Tank product pitched to the sharks was Linka, what some described as a “bad-a** bike lock” that beeps when someone tries to steal it, and doesn’t require a pole or bike rack to adhere to the bike. With the tagline encouraging folks to “lock smarter, not harder,” Linka might not have gotten a Shark Tank deal, but it got the kind of exposure that has people calling Linka smart technology for bike lovers.


Lastly, Robert Herjavec was brave enough to try out Glace Cryotherapy, one of the cryotherapy retail shops popping up around the country that preach the virtues of dipping inside frigid temperatures for up to three minutes. The hashtag is getting buzz for on Twitter.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]