‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Sarah Drew Talks April’s News, Jackson’s Reaction

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers for the current season are beyond this point. Things are really heating up on Grey’s Anatomy with the big news that April is pregnant. Of course, this news came out on Grey’s Anatomy at the same time that April and Jackson made the choice to get a divorce and move on from each other. Variety shared that Sarah Drew, who plays April, is now sharing spoilers on how Jackson will react and her thoughts on the big news.

April shared the news that she has a baby on the way on Grey’s Anatomy this week with Arizona; but, of course, she didn’t tell Jackson just yet. The couple tried counseling, but continued to have sex the entire time. This led to April getting pregnant just as Jackson decided that he wanted to divorce her. Drew shared that she was told not to cry during the scene on Grey’s Anatomy when Jackson was ready to call it quits, but she had problems with this and cried more than once, causing them to have to film the scene again.

Sarah Drew did share that April is going to make it through this divorce just fine, though, because her Grey’s Anatomy star will have to put the pieces back together for her baby.

“The biggest thing that changes her going forward is the fact that she’s pregnant. For her, that new life that’s growing inside of her is sort of her great gift and her great hope and joy in the midst of this pain. She’s not going to let herself wallow in pain because she has this great joy and great gift and great love that she needs to focus on now. That kind of saves her in this moment.”

April won’t tell Jackson right away about her pregnancy on Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, Sarah Drew teased that it will all be playing out over the next few episodes on Grey’s Anatomy and the next eight or nine will have pieces about their big story line that is going on right now. Of course, everyone wants to know if Jackson will reconsider his divorce to April on Grey’s Anatomy, but Sarah won’t share that part. She said, “There are all kinds of things that will happen when he finds out that she’s pregnant. That’s all I’m going to say.”

One thing fans wonder is if this baby belongs to Jackson for sure, but April shared that there is nobody else who could be the father. April was working hard on fixing her marriage on Grey’s Anatomy, so of course she would not be sleeping with anyone else.

TV Guide shared a bit more about April and Jackson that they were able to get from Sarah Drew herself. Sarah admits that she was totally shocked by the pregnancy twist, but at the same time she loves it. Everyone is curious if April knew she was pregnant when she signed those divorce papers, and Sarah revealed it will come out on Grey’s Anatomy soon.

“The timeline is not completely clear, but we will find out in the next few episodes whether she knew before or after the meeting. What we do know is she took a test on the day that she signed the papers, but we don’t know if she took the test before or after she signed the papers. But you will find out in the next couple of episodes.”

Will April and Jackson ever get back together on Grey’s Anatomy? As Sarah said, you never know what will happen in Shondaland. It doesn’t sound like she has given up hope yet, which means Grey’s Anatomy fans likely shouldn’t give up just yet either.

Are you shocked to hear that April and Jackson are getting a divorce on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think that these two will find a way to make it work? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards]