Sex Trade Booms In Brussels While EU Summit In Session

It seems while British Prime Minister David Cameron was trying to work out a deal to avoid a Brexit at the recent EU summit, other EU delegates had different ideas in mind.

David Cameron was in Brussels recently at crunch EU summit, while European politicians discussed Britain’s future in the EU. While this was going on, a Sunday People investigation was also ongoing, which revealed hundreds of prostitutes from Albania, Bulgaria and Romania were plying their trade, taking advantage of EU commission delegates with plenty of money to spend.

Reportedly, the influx of sex workers in the Belgian capital coincided with the crunch EU summit, mainly to meet the increased demand that reportedly occurs whenever the EU parliament is in session.

The Mirror Online quotes the investigation by Sunday People as saying some prostitutes in Brussels were offering “40 euros for one sex position or 50 for several.”

Sex workers were reportedly seen wearing underwear and posing on stools in converted shops and squalid rooms, directly across from a train station in Brussels while waiting for the EU summit delegates’ busy day to end. Reportedly, they worked in six-hour shifts.

Certain streets in the Belgian capital are apparently known as “noir streets” and these are reportedly the more dangerous. Pimps in these streets are known for offering, often underage, African girls at special reduced rates.

One prostitute from Nigeria told an interviewer that men from the EU commission always like the missionary position. Others mentioned that some of their clients are prepared to pay double for unprotected sex, thus risking the contraction of HIV/AIDS.

According to one blond sex worker from Albania, “The politicians are mainly bothered by sex not the Brexit.”

She told the interviewer that the diplomats are not interested in work and that they have money to spend, which is good for the sex workers.

With the EU summit ongoing, this meant many EU officials and MEPs, earning salaries of £78,000 ($108,000) and with a general expense account, were out and about, wining and dining each other in the upmarket and expensive restaurants of Brussels.

Reportedly, the EU summit delegates were also racking up huge bills in the many bars near the Parliament buildings, drinking with colleagues from across the Eurozone on their generous expense accounts.

Reports also state that the booming sex trade in the city has seriously blighted Brussels with fears this is funding terror networks operating out of city’s Molenbeek district, which has been dubbed the ­jihad capital of Europe.

With the wealthy EU summit members added to the mix, this has also reportedly led to a growth in hotels catering for brief, illicit sexual encounters with one hotel owner saying business increased long before the family vacations began.

Reportedly, investigators interviewed a worker at a Sex World store in Brussels, which sells sex dolls and has X-rated film booths. She told them they have a lot of “British-speaking” people in the store during lunchtimes and after work.

According to one brothel madam in the city, the sex trade is larger in Brussels than anywhere else.

“MEPs and people who work for the EU have more cash than they know what to do with. Many are away from home for most of the week and get lonely.”

“Brussels has services on every level catering for every sexual need. We have it all. It is becoming the boom trade here.”

Meanwhile, the Mail Online reports that shocked EU diplomats caught a couple of European officials in the act of having sex in a toilet at the summit. Reportedly, the couple were locked in a toilet cubicle in the Lex Building while leaders at the EU summit were busy thrashing out U.K.’s future in the organization. The Lex Building is next door to where the Brexit crunch summit was taking place and is used by translators and interpreters.

This reportedly happened Thursday night and rumors that are doing the rounds in Brussels are saying the delegates involved were from Germany. Reportedly, it was Slovenian officials that caught the couple in the act.

According to a source, “Everybody is asking each other, ‘Do you know who it is’? I guess they just fancied a bit of How’s your Fatherland. But Chancellor Angela Merkel will not be happy if she finds out who they are.”

The source went on to add that at least someone was enjoying themselves, as it was clear the EU summit delegates certainly weren’t. However, according to the Mirror Online report, those EU leaders probably were enjoying themselves, but likely later in the day.

[Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images]