‘Penny Dreadful’ Wants You To ‘Embrace Your Dark Side’ [Video]

Penny Dreadful has finally presented its first teaser for season 3 and it looks devilishly dark. Between rumors and official interviews, we have already had an idea of what Penny Dreadful will look like this season, but if the new trailer is any indication, our wildest fantasies couldn’t have prepared us for what will happen this season.

New details emerging from the Penny Dreadful showrunners have also helped to piece together a more complete picture. Travels abroad to the exotic new world and Eva Green’s personal hell only give us a taste of the horrors that await, when Penny Dreadful brings on season 3.

Embrace your dark side, Penny Dreadful style

There has never been a two-minute clip filled with as much raw emotion and inspiring as many burning questions as this Penny Dreadful teaser. Right off the bat, the teaser sets our hearts at ease by letting us know that Vanessa (Eva Green) and Ethan (Josh Hartnett) will again reunite. As season 2 of Penny Dreadful left off, it almost seemed the two were parting company, never to cross paths again.

It has been said that Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) will be joining Ethan in America, as a detour, either before or after he delivers Sembene’s body back to Africa. Segments of this Penny Dreadful trailer would suggest that journey will be fraught with unforeseen perils.

While Ms. Ives (Eva Green) seems to be facing her own trials, courtesy of Satan himself, Lily Frankenstein (Billie Piper) and Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) will be busy amassing their own army.

“All the broken and shunned creatures. Someone’s got to care for them. Who shall it be, if not us?”

This does not bode well for the heroes of Penny Dreadful, especially considering it was they that created this problem. Turning a blind eye, even after cousin Lily should have been recognized as the formerly living Brona Croft. Victor Frankenstein creating life and then keeping it secreted away like a pet hamster. Above all, no one recognizing that a volatile alliance was forming between Lily and Dorian.

The day of reckoning may soon be at hand.

Returning favorites may help to create the best season of Penny Dreadful yet

Sarah Greene will be returning in her role of Hecate Poole, but it’s uncertain just how she’ll fit into the events of season 3. Will she be an uneasy ally to Sir Malcolm and company, or will she be one of those shunned creatures Lily is so willing to take under her wing? Perhaps she is to play a part in an entirely different story arc.

Another returning fan favorite is the cut wife, herself. Patti LuPone will be a season regular on Penny Dreadful, but not in the cut wife role that earned her so much critical acclaim. Instead, LuPone plays an entirely new Penny Dreadful character, but still holds a special interest for Ms. Ives.

“This season on PENNY DREADFUL, Patti LuPone (American Horror Story), who guest starred last season as the Cut-Wife, returns as a series regular in the new role of Dr. Seward, an American therapist who treats Vanessa (Eva Green) with an unconventional new approach,” reads the Penny Dreadful logline in part.

Also returning to Penny Dreadful will be Simon Russell Beale as Dr. Ferdinand Lyle. Beale shines as a supporting character with his unique talent for blending humor with the macabre, a skill that may come in handy with the darker events to be told in season 3.

Penny Dreadful will also introduce a whole cast of colorful new characters, including Sam Barnett as Dr. Seward’s mysterious young secretary; Jessica Barden as Justine, a young acolyte to Lily and Dorian Gray; and Perdita Weeks as Catriona Hartdegn, a scholar with expert knowledge of the supernatural.

Penny Dreadful is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, May 1, on Showtime.

[Image by Showtime]