#AnyoneButTrump: Charlie Sheen Attacks Donald Trump Just Months After Claiming He Wanted To Be Trump’s VP

Actor Charlie Sheen is attacking presidential hopeful Donald Trump, noting that anyone would be better in the White House than Trump. The notorious HIV-positive playboy claims that despite telling fans just months ago that he wanted to be Trump’s VP, he thinks Trump would make a terrible president. Sheen hints that a Trump presidency would be a “tragedy” and that America needs to “wake up.”

Gossip Cop reports that actor Charlie Sheen is no longer offering any form of support to GOP presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump. The actor has flip-flopped on the issue numerous times but took to Twitter today to make it clear that he feels that Trump would be the worst presidential choice available. Sheen told America to “wake up” and used the hashtag #AnyoneButTrump.

hey Trump,

“A farce or comedy is best played; a tragedy is best read at home”
Abe Lincoln

America please

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) February 27, 2016

The comments comes just a few months after Sheen took to Twitter to offer support to Trump claiming that if Trump would have him he would love to be his Vice President. Sheen made the VP offer to Trump on August 27, 2015. However, Sheen’s Trump love didn’t last long despite fan support tweeting #TrumpSheen16.

For those still hoping for a Trump/Sheen ballot for the presidential election, the recent attack on Trump may not be Sheen’s final word on the issue as he has flip-flopped on his Trump stance numerous times. In fact, just five weeks before declaring he would be Trump’s VP “in a heartbeat” he had called the business mogul “as poignant as a sack of cat farts.” Yup, Sheen called the businessman “sad and silly” before making the sack of cat farts comparison.

“Trump you’re a sad & silly homunculus your words as poignant as a sack of cat farts You’re a shame pile of idiocy © http://t.co/voYaI7L2lZ

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) July 19, 2015″

However, it seems that Sheen had a big change of heart as he pulled the tweet from his account and proceeded to offer his assistance as VP just five weeks later. Therefore, it would not be completely out of character if Sheen deleted the latest “#AnyoneButTrump” tweet and replaced it with an offer to be Secretary of State for the business mogul.

The change could be due to the fact that Donald Trump never acknowledged Sheen’s VP offer so the actor is retaliating for his lack of commitment to the #TrumpSheen16 cause, or the more likely reasoning for the change in stance was that Sheen’s VP comment was a joke in response to Owen Wilson’s interview with the Daily Beast in which he compared Trump to Sheen noting that people like him because he isn’t following a script and it is entertaining.

“You can’t help but get a kick out of him [Trump], and I think part of it is we’re so used to politicians on both sides sounding like actors at press junkets — it’s sort of by rote, and they say all the right things. So here’s somebody who’s not following that script. It’s like when Charlie Sheen was doing that stuff — like, wow! He’s answering a question completely honestly, and in an entertaining way. You sort of feel he could be a character from Network.”

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s recent attack noting that anyone would be better than Donald Trump for president? Would you support Sheen on any ballot?

[Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo]