'Fuller House' Backlash: Angry Parents Slam Netflix Reboot For Cursing, Sex, And Drug References

Victoria Miller

Fuller House is making headlines, but not in a good way for some fans of the original series. The Netflix revival of the wholesome '80s/'90s comedy Full House has some parents upset because the first episode included cursing and references to sex and drugs. Oh, and a whole lot of Tanner cleavage.

While Fuller House co-creator and its most outspoken star, John Stamos, touted the fact that fans were nostalgic for the wholesomeness of the original show, viewers got an immediate reminder that the series is now on Netflix so anything goes. Within the first few minutes of the Fuller House pilot episode, Uncle Jesse (Stamos) utters a curse word and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) talks about dropping acid. No, she hasn't personally done it, but the comment comes when she walks into the Tanner kitchen and says she feels like she's on an acid trip. (Incidentally, Kimmy's acid dropping is limited to antacid.)

In addition, when worldy disc jockey Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) gives her nephews copies of some of the hottest music from the dance clubs in London, their mom D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) swoops in and asks her if the songs include any inappropriate references to "sex, drugs or violence." Stephanie quickly grabs the music back.

And speaking of Stephanie, in the pilot episode she wears a plunging red cocktail dress that gives viewers an eyeful of her very ample breasts. She even jokes about her boobs to her infant nephew Tommy, telling him, "I know these might look like lunch, but this Dairy Queen is closed."

There are also plenty of sexual undertones in Fuller House, including an under the radar masturbation joke involving Stephanie and her volcano-making nephew that will likely go over kids' heads, but was still shocking to some fans. In another scene, Uncle Jesse asks his wife Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) if she's exhausted from what they did last night. He also makes a joke about semen. And we won't even get into the Becky Special!

"I've been pining over this every day for the past two months, going, what are people expecting? I've been stressing out about it. But I just have to deal with what I think is true to the legacy and the heart of the show, and that's what we did. We didn't reinvent anything. It feels like the old show! It's the same themes and emotion. I hope people like it. I think, as beautiful as the evolution of television has been, especially in the last five to ten years, people do crave the old feeling as well."

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