Kim Kardashian ‘Pressured In Supporting Kanye West’s Rants’ Amid Divorce Rumors

Kim Kardashian is reportedly feeling pressured to support her husband, Kanye West, amid reports claiming the twosome are heading for a pricey divorce.

For the most part, Kim has remained rather silent over Kanye’s recent rants, including his most recent outburst at the 1OAK nightclub. The aging rapper famously claimed he was so influential to the masses that he could tell them where to shop just by “pressing a button.”

He also stressed that Taylor Swift turned her back against him when his song, “Famous,” made headlines for its raunchy lyrics regarding the songstress, saying she wasn’t “cool no more” for how she handled the controversy at the Grammys.

With Kris Jenner worried that Kanye’s rants could affect the Kardashian empire, Kim has defended her man in an act of support; but, sources feel that her engagement with the situation is anything but sincere. In the midst of alleged divorce talks, Hollywood Life claims that Kim’s reasoning behind her support for Kanye is solely down to endless media outlets acknowledging her unhappiness with her husband’s antics.

“Kanye was on Kim for not supporting him publicly. She wanted to stay tight-lipped on the subject, but after reports came out that she was demanding Kanye go to the therapy and she was livid about his Twitter rants, Kim felt pressured to voice her support via her website. She’s still not thrilled about his erratic behavior, but Kanye’s not an easy person to be married to and she felt she had to do something.”

Kim Kardashian has built an impressive brand for herself — so much that the rants and the wild antics by her husband could evidently jeopardize future endeavors.

Earlier this week, it was claimed that Kardashian had chosen to continue living with her mother over fears that she wouldn’t be able to control Kanye if they were to move into their own house together.

The couple currently own two homes; one in Bel-Air and one in Hidden Hills. There is absolutely nothing stopping them from moving into the Hidden Hills mansion, but Kim reportedly gives the impression that she wouldn’t be able to cope with Kanye unless her mother is around, a source explains.

Jenner has “ways to calm him down,” a source says, insinuating that Kim doesn’t know how to sooth a heated situation with her husband when he is angry.

All of this has evidently brought on the idea that Kim Kardashian and Kanye could eventually be divorcing. Aside from having chosen to live with Kris Jenner for almost three years, Kanye’s overbearing personality, the endless rants and the fact that his antics have somewhat ruined the Kardashian brand, there is only so much that the 35-year-old is willing to put up with before she files for divorce again.

Should she pull through with the divorce proceedings, it will mark Kim’s third failed marriage; although, this one would have been the one that has lasted the longest. Insiders affirm that Kim Kardashian is making an effort to save what already appears to be a damaged marriage, but if things continue to worsen from this point, the Kardashian empire may have more value to her name than her marriage.

[Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images]