Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprises ‘Cruel Intentions’ Role: ‘Everybody Loves Me, And I Intend To Keep It That Way’ Kathryn Merteuil Is Back!

Sarah Michelle Gellar will reprise her Cruel Intentions role in NBC’s follow-up drama pilot based on the movie, according to Cinema Blend. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress has finally and officially reached a deal with NBC after several long weeks of negotiations.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was approached to reprise the role of her character (Kathryn Merteuil) immediately after the series was picked up to make a pilot, confirmed the news via her Instagram account.

The Instagram picture features two photos: one was taken before beginning production of the original Cruel Intentions over 18 years ago, while the other one was taken on the eve of production of new Cruel Intentions series. The two Instagram photos feature Sarah Michelle Gellar, director Roger Kumble and executive producer Neal Moritz.

“That’s right ‘everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way’ #kathrynmerteuil is back!!!”

The 38-year-old actress starred in the 1999 film alongside Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Kathryn Merteuil is a masterful manipulator who appears to be charming and empathetic on the outside, but on the inside is self-serving and selfish.

The series is set in present day and it picks up the original story more than 15 years after the Cruel Intentions film left off. The story centers around Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character, who wants to get control over Valmont International.

Kathryn (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) is also eager to have influence over her nephew – Bash Casey (played by Taylor John Smith), the son of her late brother Sebastian Valmont (portrayed by Phillippe) and Annette Hargrove (played by Reese Witherspoon). After finding his late father’s legacy in a secret document, Bash is immersed into the wicked world of sex, influence, power and corruption.

The original Cruel Intentions writer and director Roger Kumble wrote the pilot script along with Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, while Neal Moritz is the executive producer along with Pavun Shetty. Rosin and Ross co-executive produced the pilot episode.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been asked to do pilots every year since the end of Buffy, but has only said “yes” to three of them: CBS’ comedy The Crazy Ones, CW’s drama Ringer, and now NBC’s Cruel Intentions.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has become quite active recently; not only is she reprising her role on Cruel Intentions, she is also playing an annoying PTA mom on Those Who Can’t, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Judging by the exclusive sneak peek released on Tuesday, Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing the eradicator of vending machines. The sneak peak came ahead of Thursday’s episode of the new TruTV comedy Those Who Can’t.

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the role of Gwen Stephanie (not to be confused with singer Gwen Stefani!), a health conscious PTA mom. In the episode, Gellar’s character comes on behalf of the PTA and removes vending machines dispensing junk food from the school. Such a move infuriates teacher Billy Shoemaker (portrayed by Ben Roy).
Then, viewers see a war of words between a shoemaker and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s annoying character, who threatens to withhold funding that would affect the shoemaker’s salary.

This is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s first acting appearance since her CBS’ comedy The Crazy Ones ended its first season in 2014. The 38-year-old Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress has also done voice work for Star Wars Rebels and Robot Chicken recently.

Last fall, Sarah Michelle Gellar started her own baking service called Foodstirs, according to the Hollywood Take. The service delivers fresh ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes straight to homes, which allows families to cook together. The actress is mother to two children: 3-year-old son Rocky James and 6-year-old daughter Charlotte Grace.

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