Demi Lovato ‘Annoying,’ Simon Cowell Says In Teen Choice Awards Comments

Demi Lovato has kept a low profile since her Sonny With a Chance days, and her ensuing breakdown, after working hard to get healthy again.

Demi Lovato reemerged in the spotlight as an older, wiser young woman with a desire to help teen girls facing the same issues she faced — but that hasn’t stopped Simon Cowell from ribbing the singer/actress after the Teen Choice Awards, calling her names and ragging on her personality.

As we reported earlier, Cowell dished on both Lovato and fellow X Factor judge Britney Spears, who he referred to as “sweet as a lemon” and ceded that the younger star was nicer than her Southern belle co-judge. Simon said:

“I was fascinated with [Britney] as a person, as a pop star, and there’s something intriguing about her. And she’s a really good judge… Demi is a brat. But there’s something likable about her. Britney’s quite mean, as you’ll discover.”

Cowell continued the Demi-bash in his speech, saying of the young star:

“She’s annoying, obnoxious, disruptive, gobby, irritating, bad manners, not great taste – did I say irritating? Yes? Annoying, very annoying. She’s a brat… I could go on for hours, but that’s what makes her special, and I really do love her, a bit. Have a great night, wish I was there, but no one invited me.”

britney spears

Demi Lovato, however, wasn’t a shrinking violet when confronted with Simon Cowell’s remarks — after she learned of them, she hit back, knocking Cowell’s age and saying:

“He’s just old. He isn’t used to women in this century being able to say what they want.”

Burn. Are you looking forward to Demi Lovato’s X Factor turn?