‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Spoilers — Thomas Ravanel Vows He’s ‘Not Putting Up With Any More’ Drama From Baby Mama Kathryn Dennis

The third season of Southern Charm is quickly approaching, and cast members are already promising a more civil tone this time around. However, that’s easier said than done, especially considering all the drama between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis last year. With that in mind, will Ravenel be able to stay away from the drama in Season 3?

A new trailer released on Bravo reveals that Ravenel and Dennis’ drama will continue in the new season, despite the birth of their second child, St. Julien. In fact, although things reached epic proportions between the couple last season, Ravenel promised fans that he will not put up with any drama this time.

“I don’t know it can get even crazier, but it will,” Ravenel stated in the trailer. “See how many breakdowns she can have. Make a scene, take my baby away from me. I’m not putting up with this anymore.”

In the clip, Ravenel appears to stick to his guns and even jumps out of a window in order to avoid a further confrontation with Dennis. This is a good sign for Ravenel, though it might prove difficult for him to keep this up this front throughout the entire season.

The cast of 'Southern Charm' [Image via Bravo] The cast of ‘Southern Charm’ [Image via Bravo]The continued drama between the two reality stars is not all that surprising. According to Reality Tea, the on and off couple started things off early last week with heated messages on social media. Then, following the release of the recent trailer, Ravenel was quick to share his feelings about the new season on Twitter.

“Saw the Southern Charm trailer on Bravo. My face was in exactly zero frames. I guess the TRav persona has run its course. Thank God!” he wrote.

According to People, the decision to end things with Dennis also opens the door for the two to explore other potential romances. Does this mean that Dennis might move to Whitney Sudler-Smith? Or will his decision to leave town put a damper on things?

Meanwhile, the drama between Ravenel and Dennis is only a small part of the baggage in season three. In addition to the baby mama drama, other cast members will come face to face with large challenges of their own. This includes Cameran Eubanks, who is set to choose between becoming a mom or pursuing her career in real estate.

At the same time, Sudler-Smith is contemplating leaving Charleston in order to start his career in film. Additionally, Craig Conover is celebrating his new life with a girlfriend and might be set to escalate that relationship to another level. In the preview trailer, he is shown asking around for an engagement ring, suggesting that the big question might be in his immediate future.

Shepard Rose and Landon Clements [Image via Bravo] Shepard Rose and Landon Clements [Image via Bravo]Lastly, Shepard Rose and Landon Clements are growing closer and closer, though a past secret could put a stop to their development as friends. Whether or not the two will be able to work through their issues is yet to be seen. Whatever ends up happening, their relationship is sure to be tested once the secret is out of the bag.

Considering the content in the trailer, the upcoming season of Southern Charm is going to be on of it’s busiest ones to date. In the words of Altschul, “It’s the end of Western civilization.”

As far as casting is concerned, Bustle is reporting that fans can expect the entire cast from last season to return to action this year. This includes the likes of T-Rav, Dennis, Rose, Eubanks, Sudler-Smith, Conover, and Patricia Altschul.

The third season of Southern Charm is set to premiere April 4 on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]