Florida Christians protest atheist billboard, wait till you see the sign

An atheist billboard in Florida has resulted in community protests and a call for the sign to be banned, but wait until you see what's on (or as is the case isn't on) the sign.

Unlike campaigns in Europe which included the slogan "there probably isn't a god," the Florida campaign says "Being a good person doesn't require God. Don't believe in God, you're not alone." According to the Christians in the area, saying that non-believers can be good people discriminates against Christians.

Here's where it gets even weirder: the residents object because (and I'm not making this up) African-Americans live in the area, and a shop owned by a born again Christian is nearby.

Local media reported that Team of Life community activist Essie "Big Mama" Reed brought her students out to protest it Wednesday afternoon.

"Nothing else matters, but that sign needs to come down. In the name of Jesus," Big Mama chanted, as she led her students in protest.

She said the sign affects something much deeper than business. "I don't know the reason for putting this sign up," said Big Mama. "It says 'Do not believe in God.' How are we going to make it? Look at our schools, everyday. Everyday there's something going on. Kids are out here killing each other, kids are here using drugs. Who else are they going to believe in?"

The atheist group behind the sign rightly pointed out the hypocrisy in the protestors, saying that they would like the community to show them the same tolerance they fought for during the civil rights era. "The women and blacks in this neighborhood, they've been discriminated before, in the recent past, as early as 30, 40 years ago," a spokesman said "and yet, they have no problem discriminating against another group, whether it be gays or atheists."

Atheists = your new African Americans.