Georgia State Students Allegedly Kicked Out Of Hillary Clinton Rally For Holding Black Lives Matter Signs

Two Georgia State University students who attended a Hillary Clinton rally claim they were kicked out for holding Black Lives Matter signs. According to Raw Story, Meagan Mwanda and Ashona Husbands, both freshman BLM supporters at Georgia State, decided to attend Hillary Clinton’s rally at Atlanta City Hall on Feb. 26.

The previous week, they both attended Bernie Sanders’ rally at Morehouse College and felt it would only be fair to hear what Hillary had to present. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned because they never had the opportunity to actually hear Hillary speak.

ORANGEBURG, SC - FEBRUARY 26: Democratic Presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a rally at South Carolina State University February 26, 2016 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary is tomorrow. Last Saturday, the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary shattered records with 137,092 more votes cast than in any previous primary. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

When Mwanda and Husbands arrived at Atlanta City Hall on Friday morning, they were placed in a student holding area. While waiting for the rally to begin, they were given a sign that read, “Ready for Hillary,” but both students admitted they had no desire to hold the sign. Apparently, their purpose for attending was to compare her views and proposed plans to Bernie Sanders’ rally in an effort to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both presidential candidates.

“I didn’t want to hold it, because I don’t know if I am supporting her yet. I gave it away, but it made its way back to me.”

After floating through the hands of several attendants, the sign made its way back to Husbands. This time, instead of passing the sign, she decided to keep it and add a phrase to it. Since she had her book bag, she took out a marker and wrote “Black Lives Matter” on the back of the sign, along with the hashtagged names of three fallen African-Americans whose deaths were highly publicized due to conflicting accounts about the series of events that led to their untimely demises – #SandraBland. #TrayvonMartin. #EricGarner.”

Shortly after raising the sign, the students claim campaign staffers informed them that their sign was “inappropriate” and they needed to leave. During a recent news interview, both students shared their reaction to the order. “I was on my phone and when I looked up Ashona was gone,” Mwanda said. “She wasn’t loud. She wasn’t chanting. I just looked up and she was gone. A few moments later, someone came for me.”


“I wasn’t being violent or disruptive,” Husbands said. “I am an undecided voter. Hillary Clinton says that black lives matter, but when she speaks about the black community, she kind of glosses over it. I wanted her to see the sign and look at me. I wanted her to say something to win me over. The ironic thing is that the staffer gave me the sign in the first place. If they hadn’t given it to us, I would not have written it down.”

Now, like many other Democrats, are wondering what Hillary Clinton really stands for and if she pledged her support of Black Lives Matter as part of a hidden agenda just to better her chances of making it to the White House. Both Mwanda and Husbands wonder if Black Lives Matter signs are seemingly “inappropriate” at a Hillary Clinton rally, what will they signify if she’s elected.

“It is kind of a metaphor. If she is going to kick out two college students for having a Black Lives Matter sign — an issue that is supposed to be something she supports — what is going to happen when she is in office?” Mwanda said. “I am sure black lives matter to her, but she is handling this poorly. I am still undecided, but this gives me a clearer picture of what Hillary Clinton stands for.”


However, this isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton’s beliefs have been questioned. According to the Huffington Post, Hillary Clinton was interrupted by a Black Lives Matter activist in South Carolina. Youth activist Ashley Williams demanded clarification on Hillary Clinton’s perspective of Black Lives Matter since she has been scrutinized for inconsistent support of minorities in the past. So, in an effort to remind Hillary of the statement and bring it back to the forefront.

Here’s a clip of their intense confrontation:

Back in 1996, Hillary Clinton insisted America needed to bring at-risk you “to heel.” Of course, the clip of her statement has surfaced on YouTube. Here’s Hillary Clinton’s infamous “super-predators” statement.

The latest stir of events have inspired a new hashtag #WhichHillary. Many Americans have trolled the Democratic presidential hopeful on social media, highlighting her inconsistencies as statement from her past continue to surface and place a dark cloud over her campaign. Although Hillary Clinton is down, she isn’t out. At this point, it’s still relatively difficult to project who’ll be the last candidate standing. Only time will tell.

[Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images]