Blac Chyna Accuses Kylie Jenner Of Copying Her Cooking Show, Wants To Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Next Season

Blac Chyna has just called Kylie Jenner a “b*tch” and accused Jenner of copying her cooking channel, according to People.

Blac Chyna’s rather harsh response came a day after Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram an intro for her new cooking segment, which she plans to launch on her website. And apparently Chyna couldn’t leave it unnoticed.

After Jenner started promoting her new segment called Cooking With Kylie, Blac Chyna hinted on her Instagram account that the 18-year-old reality TV personality is “imitating” her project. Blac Chyna’s Instagram account, which she launched in December last year, is dedicated to cooking.

Blac Chyna took to Instagram to post a caption, saying “B*tch Bye, Follow @cookingwithchyna #InfatuatedWitChy.”

Blac Chyna, who has recently started dating Rob Kardashian, then went to her Snapchat account and posted a video in which she asked her fans what she should do next so people could imitate her.

“I’m trying to figure out what else can I create so other people can imitate. Any suggestions?”

The model didn’t mention any names in her Snapchat video nor her Instagram post, but one thing is certain: there’s an ongoing rivalry between Blac Chyna and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, as the latter is currently dating rapper Tyga, Chyna’s ex-fiance and father of her son King, who is 3 years old.

According to People, Jenner felt “betrayed” when she found out in January that her brother – Rob Kardashian – was dating her boyfriend’s ex-fiance.

But it seems that it’s only the beginning of the feud between the Kardashians and Blac Chyna, as the latter is considering to join the next season of Dancing With the Stars, according to LHollywood Life.

In fact, Blac Chyna would “love” to join the next season’s lineup and she even wants Scott Disick to be her competition. Thus, it looks like the Kardashians vs. Chyna tensions are about to get even more serious.

Blac Chyna explained why she wants to see Disick on the show by saying that she doesn’t want to the be only star on Dancing With the Stars who has any relation to a Kardashian, according to the source.

“Blac would love to do the next season of the show and talks are being carried out to make it a reality. She would love to do the show with Scott Disick as well and the producers love that angle as well.”

Scott Disick had dated Kourtney Kardashian for nine years before they broke up last summer. But, according to the Daily Mail, the two remain on friendly terms.

The source also revealed what Blac Chyna’s boyfriend – Rob Kardashian – has to say about his girlfriend’s idea of joining the show’s lineup. Rob is reportedly “totally cool” with her decision and he even “hopes” she will do it.

At this point, according to the source, it all comes down to money. If Blac Chyna and the show can figure something out, then the former exotic performer will be included in the lineup next season.

Rob Kardashian has been working hard on leading a healthy lifestyle, according to TMZ. The brother of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé, under the influence of his girlfriend Blac Chyna has been hitting the gym at least five times a week and has changed his diet. The reality star has reportedly lost 40 pounds.

Rob Kardashian was diagnosed with diabetes last year after battling severe depression, but since he began dating Blac Chyna, he has been photographed hitting the gym on several occasions.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]