Gwen Stefani Admits She’s Only Ever Had Two Boyfriends In Her Life: ‘It’s Just So Limited’

Gwen Stefani is either an overly attached girlfriend or just a very supportive girlfriend, depending on whose opinion you take. The 46-year-old former No Doubt singer reportedly used FaceTime to keep an eye on Blake Shelton‘s Detroit concert last weekend, according to People.

Even though Gwen Stefani couldn’t attend Shelton’s performance at the Palace of Auburn Hills in person, she found a way to watch her boyfriend’s every step, according to the magazine citing a Twitter user named Kevin Nisun who shared the news via his Twitter account.

Gwen Stefani, 46, and Blake Shelton, 39, started dating last year and they have already developed the kind of romantic relationship many 10-year-long marriages would envy. In particular, Stefani’s latest hit “Make Me Like You” is dedicated to Shelton, as revealed by the singer herself during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Moreover, Shelton recently revealed in his interview with People that Gwen Stefani will be his adviser in the next season of The Voice. As explained by Shelton himself, they “collaborate well together” as coaches, and Stefani is “smart and talented.”

Gwen Stefani, one of the most desired music stars in the world, revealed last week that she has only had two boyfriends in her life, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail quoted from Gwen Stefani’s interview with K-Earth 101, in which Stefani said she has only ever had two boyfriends in her life, which is why she doesn’t have a “type” of men she considers attractive.

“When you say that, it just sounds funny. It’s just so limited. No, I do not [have a type]. That’s a funny question. I’m gonna just stop right there.”

Last year, Gwen Stefani broke up with her former husband Gavin Rossdale after rumors about him cheating had surfaced in the media. Apparently, Stefani didn’t count Rossdale as her boyfriend. Instead, she counted her former No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal, whom she dated before the 13-year-long marriage with Rossdale.

Last week, Gwen Stefani became the first performer to film a live music video during a four-minute commercial break. Stefani’s historic performance took place during a commercial break for the Grammy Awards.

Gwen Stefani’s 4-minute-long video for her new hit “Make Me Like You,” which is dedicated to Blake Shelton, was made in partnership with Target. Although Stefani and the team that made the live music video happen performed it flawlessly, it was no easy task, according to Billboard.

Sophie Muller, the director of the live music video, went as far as saying that she was “sh**ing” herself for Gwen Stefani.

“It was the most intense thing we’ve ever done without a shadow of a doubt, times ten.”

After Gwen Stefani wrapped up her historic performance at the Grammys, Billboard reached out to the singer via email to share how it felt like making history. When asked what was going through her head before the director yelled “Action!” Stefani revealed her nerves had played games with her.

“There was obviously a moment of nerves and adrenaline with it being live, but then the music started. It really was such a team effort.”

When asked whether she was happy with the result and whether there were any parts of the performance that she could have done better, Gwen Stefani said that she was absolutely happy with how it turned out and that it was the fastest four minutes of her life.

“It’s so amazing how much goes into one take – it couldn’t have come together any more seamlessly.”

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]