Raspberry Pi 3 Will Feature Built-In WiFi And Bluetooth According To First Details

Since it’s initial release back in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has long been a fan favourite bit of kit in the technology community. With that in mind, the third iteration of the device is sure to create a good deal of excitement amongst fans after details were recently released. The Raspberry Pi 3 is set to build upon everything achieved by its predecessors, with first details around the device confirming that it will add both built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support.

Raspberry Pi 3 is set to be the first device in the ultra-cheap computing range that will come out of the box with support for wireless networking. Users who owned a previous iteration of the device will already be more than aware that in order to connect with the device wirelessly, external peripherals were required. The Raspberry Pi 3 is set to throw out the need for USB WiFi and Bluetooth dongles and instead feature chips on board the device capable of wireless communication. Such added wireless functionality will save Raspberry Pi users even more money, removing the need to invest in added equipment on top of the base price of the unit.


The lack of need for external WiFi and Bluetooth devices on the Raspberry Pi 3 will also free up space for use with other peripherals. That’ll come as a big advantage considering many fans have previously complained about the limited number of USB input ports offered by the device.

That being said, official confirmation of the Raspberry Pi 3 has yet to be released by the UK based company. The device has only been confirmed to be in existence through lab results submitted by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to the FCC, which is the U.S.’ official communications watchdog. Those results are of course available to be viewed online through the FCC’s website, where a number of users have spotted those aforementioned key details around what exactly the Raspberry Pi 3 will offer.

However, those interested in picking up the third iteration of the Raspberry Pi are going to have to wait for an official announcement from the Raspberry Pi Foundation for more details, as several pieces of key information around the hardware have been withdrawn from public availability. That being said, we can’t imagine the hardware’s form factor will be all that different to what we’ve seen from previous Raspberry Pi models, especially when you consider it’s credit card sized form factor is the key selling point of the Raspberry Pi.

A Raspberry Pi Computer Being Used [Image via Shutterstock]The manufacturer behind the Raspberry Pi has already hinted at a large announcement on the horizon, so we wouldn’t necessarily be surprised to see official confirmation of the third model of the Raspberry Pi very soon. If previous releases of the device are anything to go by, there’s a good chance in a quick sell-out of the Raspberry Pi 3. We’d also expect pricing confirmation to arise at a similar point. The Raspberry Pi is well known as one of the cheapest personal computers that you can pick up, so we wouldn’t expect the price of this model to exceed anything above $35, which is the price point that other models in the series have typically come in at.

Either way, the Raspberry Pi 3 is sure to cause an awful lot of excitement within the homebrew computing community. If the release of the first version back in 2012 is anything to go buy, we’d expect pre-orders of the device to quickly sell-out upon announcement. That being said, as with the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, stock levels are expected to be a lot higher this time round in order to meet the demand of Raspberry Pi fans from across the globe.

[Image via Shutterstock]