Gigi Hadid Posts Hot Instagram Picture After Milan Runway Disaster

Gigi Hadid handles things like a pro. That’s why it was no surprise when she took the little nip slip that happened on the Milan runway in her stride. When her low-cut dress slipped and exposed her breast, she knew better than to look nervous, USA Today reported. Hadid kept on walking. Infact, more than the nip slip itself, it was her attitude on the runaway that impressed everyone. She even tweeted, talking about it candidly. “Wadrobe malfunctions happen on the runway every day of fashion week and are unfortunate; but let’s talk instead about the new VERSACE CHOKERS”, she said.


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She even posted a hot Instagram picture of herself wrapped in sheets and holding a bowl of cereal perhaps. She captioned it “jetlag.” The caption is immaterial because the picture sure looks great!

It’s no secret that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are big fans of polaroids and they often post a picture of their polaroid shots on social media. As in case of Gigi’s boyfriend, he posted a picture that showed the both of them cuddling and kissing each other.

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And before that he posted a picture of both of them posing for the camera, with Zayn’s eyes closed and Gigi looking into the camera. It’s no secret that the two love to take Polaroid shots.

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Although all might seem to be okay in their relationship, there were reports that Zayn Malik was acting a bit too possessive of Gigi. OK magazine has said that he has put Gigi on a super-strict curfew. The source also said, “He wants her to be back in her hotel room by midnight when they’re apart.”

“This is a bold move by Zayn because he’s not exactly a saint,” said the insider, “but it shows how controlling and insecure he is about Gigi.” As anyone can tell, Zayn is trying very hard to keep Gigi by his side. But everyone knows that Gigi is a successful model and it could be very hard to keep track of her all the time. That he wants her back in the hotel room by a specific time speaks volumes about Zayn.

girls on film, a @vogueparis #chanelfie ????

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The source goes on to say that Zayn doesn’t really trust Gigi but he is not really going to admit it. Zayn often tells Gigi that he wants to be the last person to talk to her before going to bed. However sweet that may sound, the truth is, it reeks of Zyan’s lack of trust in Gigi.

“Zayn doesn’t trust [Gigi Hadid], but he would never admit it,” the source said. “Instead he’s playing with her mind by telling her he wants to be the last person she speaks to when she goes to bed. This might sound romantic, but his ulterior motive is keeping tabs on her when she’s out of town.”

missing my brother, king of glaaaam @patrickta

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That doesn’t sound quite right. Don’t you think that Zayn just needs to take it easy and let Gigi live her life just a bit? However, if the source is to be believed, Gigi and Zayn are pretty serious about each other. And Gigi is happy that she gets to star in her boyfriend’s videos.

“He and [Gigi Hadid] are getting serious,” a source told E! News. “Gigi was so excited when Zayn asked her to be in his music video. They both acted very professional on set but it was very obvious that they were in love. They couldn’t stop flirting with each other. Gigi and [sister] Bella really like the fact they are in music videos with their boyfriends.”

Do you think Gigi handled the nip slip on the runaway like a pro? And do you like the Instagram picture she posted?

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