Gwen Stefani Seduced Blake Shelton, How The ‘Make Me Like You’ Singer Seduced Her Casanova Cowboy

Gwen Stefani’s steamy romance with Blake Shelton is stronger than ever. While fans can’t seem to get enough of the couple, their relationship was not something that most people saw coming, including Shelton himself. In fact, fans might be surprised to learn that Stefani initiated the romance, while Shelton never thought he had a chance with the No Doubt frontwoman.

In speaking with Ok! Magazine, an insider, discussed the origins of Stefani’s relationship with Shelton. Apparently, the two had flirted with each other for a few weeks before the “Make Me Like You” singer decided to make a move and seduce Shelton.

“After filming wrapped one night, Gwen called Blake and said ‘Do you mind I stop by your place? I have something I need to tell you.'”

Naturally, Shelton didn’t have any problems with Stefani coming over. From here, things ramped up between the two, leading to their official status as a couple.

“She laid her feelings out, saying she’d been flirting relentlessly and wondering why he’d ignore her advances. Then she ended her confession by telling him she wanted to kiss him— and they did, right there in his living room. In the end, she couldn’t believe how easy it was. The rest is history.”

Blake Shelton just can't resist Gwen Stefani. Blake Shelton just can’t resist Gwen Stefani. [Image via Gwen Stefani/Twitter]Considering the romantic elements of the story, Shelton has no qualms about telling people how they got together. At the same time, the country star considers himself lucky to be with someone on the caliber of Stefani and was just as surprised as anyone else that Stefani fell in love with him.

“Blake loves telling the story. He’d never thought to make a move on Gwen Stefani! He assumed she was out of his league. Now he’s so in love with her and calls her the woman of his dreams.”

Shelton may have been surprised by Gwen Stefani’s advances, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a part to play in it all. In fact, according to Us Magazine, Shelton has always viewed Stefani as one of the great singers in the music industry. As far back as September of 2014, Shelton complimented Stefani for her part as a judge on The Voice. “I absolutely did not see this coming, the level of brilliance Gwen and Pharrell [Williams] brought into the game,” Shelton stated. “Gwen Stefani is Gwen Stefani, she is just an icon.”

Clearly, the two were fans of each other long before they got together romantically. With this basis of friendship to build from, it is no wonder why their relationship has grown to what it is today. The only questioning remaining is when the two will finally tie the knot.

Since going public, Blake and Gwen often show off their budding romance on social media. [Image via Instagram] Since going public, Blake and Gwen often show off their budding romance on social media. [Image via Instagram]That being said, the inside source went on to add that Shelton and Stefani are currently focused on expanding their families. Any plans for a future wedding are apparently on hold, at least for the present time.

“At Gwen’s age, their priority, even before getting married, is to conceive. Gwen and Blake aren’t just thinking about the immediate future. They’re in it for the long haul.”

Fortunately, whenever Shelton decides to pop the big question, fans can rest assured that they won’t keep it a secret for long.

Meanwhile, the upcoming season of The Voice is fast approaching. Although Stefani will not return as one of the main judges this season, she will make a few appearances as Shelton’s mentor. Not only will this offer more opportunities to see the couple in action on the hit show, but it also provides fans a chance to see their relationship continue to develop.

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[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]