Yancy Noll, Dinh Bowman: CBS ’48 Hours’ Airs Seattle Road Rage Thrill Killer Story

Yancy Noll was a popular wine steward who was shot and killed as he sat in his car at a stoplight in Seattle, Washington, four years ago. His tragic story will be the next one featured on CBS’ 48 Hours. Each week, the crime documentary series brings you a new case to follow, along with the expert opinions of those close to the case. Tonight’s episode, “A Student Of Murder,” will reveal how a man who was once considered a genius and a child prodigy could kill an innocent man in cold blood for the thrill. The killer, 32-year old Dinh Bowman, was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 29 years in prison. Expect to hear from Yancy Noll’s best friend and the attorneys who prosecuted Dinh Bowman, according to CBS 48 Hours‘ report.

In 2012, 43-year-old Yancy Noll was driving his Subaru to work when he was suddenly gunned down less than 10 minutes later. According to 48 Hours‘ report, witnesses heard the shots that fired into Yancy’s car, and they also saw a vehicle speeding away from the scene. When officers arrived at the 7500 block of 15th Avenue NE in the Roosevelt neighborhood, they found a bloody scene and a man sitting in his car with gunshot wounds to the face and head. It appeared to be a road rage incident. First responders did everything they could to save his life but were unsuccessful. Charging documents reveal how it all unfolded, according to Archive.Org.

“A vehicle, described as a silver colored BMW convertible, pulled alongside Noll’s car and came to a stop. The driver of this vehicle possessed a handgun and fired what is believed’ to be five shots at the victim. Three of these bullets struck the victim in his head. Other motorists attempted to aid the victim, who was mortally wounded. Seattle Police Officers and Seattle Fire Department medics responded to the scene. Victim Noll was transported to Harborview Medical Center where he was pronounced dead a short time later.”

The victim was identified as Yancy Noll, a wonderful man with many friends and a loving girlfriend who adored him. In the days after the shooting, his family members and friends were absolutely heartbroken to hear of his fate. What no one could understand was why anyone would want to kill him. Digging into Yancy Noll’s background, they found no one who had a bad thing to say about him. Police believed early on this was probably a random attack. What they didn’t know was that it was not only a random attack—but a deliberate one.

CBS 48 Hours will reveal that a tip finally directed police to the home of Dinh Bowman, an intelligent engineer who was considered a teen prodigy. But a darker picture emerged as investigators searched his home, where they found a journal, detailing fantasies of being a hit man or an assassin. Even worse, they found a book entitled, “Death Dealer’s Manual,” which outlined exactly how to kill someone. It was then that investigators concluded that Dinh Bowman taught himself how to shoot someone in the temple, as well as how to choose a victim. In Dinh Bowman’s home, they also found some other disturbing items, according to a trial brief obtained by the Seattle Times.

“On this computer, the defendant had accumulated hundreds of articles, books, learned treatises, videos, and manuals dealing with how to be an assassin, how to commit murder, ‘snuff’ films, autopsies, methods of committing crimes, marksmanship, gunsmithing, forensic investigation, homicide investigation, and interrogation.”

For Yancy Noll’s senseless killing, Dinh Bowman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. In an interview with police, Bowman stated that he shot Noll in self defense after Noll became angry that he had cut him off on the road. But, instead of reporting the incident, Dinh Bowman enjoyed dinner at a restaurant with his wife.

An autopsy report showed that just before Yancy Noll was shot, he was most likely sitting in his car when he noticed someone pointing a gun at him. Crime scene photos indicated that Noll had both hands on the steering wheel when he was first attacked.

Tune in to 48 Hours tonight on CBS at 10 p.m. After the show, use hashtag #48Hours to discuss whether or not you believe Yancy Noll’s death was a true road rage incident or if Bowman was simply out “for the kill.” Some other 48 Hours episodes you might want to read up on are Shauna Tiaffay and Anita Smithey.

Some Footage of Yancy Noll

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