Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama’s Family Deny She Is Financially Exploiting Tomlinson

Today TMZ published a report saying Briana Jungwirth, the mother of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s one-month-old son Freddie, is not allowing the singer and A&R scout to see his son.

“[T]he One Direction singer claims Briana Jungwirth has gotten greedy and wants money… and lots of it. He claims she’s using their 1-month-old son, Freddie Reign, to leverage a bigger payday.”

A source close to Tomlinson spoke to The Sun and revealed that Louis believes that the blonde California stylist is trying to get revenge on him. The source stated that the whole fiasco is “very upsetting” for Tomlinson, and called Briana’s behavior “disgusting.”

“This is really upsetting for Louis. He is fighting as hard as he can to see his baby.

“He brought in lawyers straight away and will not give up until he has shared custody of Freddie.

“Louis thinks Briana is jealous that he started a new relationship while she was pregnant and that this is her way of getting back at him. It’s disgusting. Freddie is his child too.

“He has done everything he can for Briana and her family up until now and is excited about being a dad.”

Louis began a relationship with American actress Danielle Campbell while the stylist was still pregnant with their child. It is believed that Louis and Briana were in a relationship for a few months in early-to-mid 2015.

It is believed that Tomlinson and Jungwirth have settled on an interim agreement granting Louis limited custody until their lawyers can sort out a long-term agreement.

“It’s a surprising turn… Louis got Briana a 3 bedroom home in Calabasas and he’s renting a $21 million home in L.A. to be close to Freddie.

“Louis has not gotten a DNA test but says there’s no doubt he’s the dad… they dated exclusively during the period in which she got pregnant.

“We’re told Louis is gunning for an order forcing Briana to give him some custodial rights, including significant access to his son.”

Another twist emerged on social media today. One fan of Briana Jungwirth — who shot to fame as a result of a short fling with the One Direction star but has nevertheless managed to gather a devoted fan base around her — asked Jungwirth’s mother Tammi Clark if the TMZ report is true.

Clark gave a short but firm response, calling the TMZ report “rubbish.”


Of course, Clark could just mean that the anti-Briana sections of the story are “rubbish,” not the fact that her daughter is fighting for a better financial arrangement. It is expected that Tammi Clark would stand by Briana as she asserts any legal rights she believes she has.

Additionally, Clark may simply feel it is wise not to discuss private legal matters at length, as a way of avoiding a so-called trial by media, or in this case, trial by social media.

Whatever the case, it is hoped that the interests of tiny Freddie Reign are placed above any bad blood that is brewing between the parents.

In lighter Louis news, an adorable new picture of Freddie has emerged.


Louis Tomlinson’s distinctive hand tattoos are visible in the shot, as he places a pair of sunglasses over the tot’s nose. Could these be the same sunglasses that sent the “Larry” cohort of Directioners into a frenzy when Louis stepped out to buy them on the day Freddie was born?

Fans saw the link, with a few negative and suspicious people now scoffing that Tomlinson stopped in at Sunglass Hut for the sake of a photo!


Many more held off on the negativity and simply focused on the cuteness.


A second shot of Louis Tomlinson with his child on a fluffy white surface also surfaced today, and despite its otherworldly beauty, it is believed to be real.


[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]