Alistair Overeem Hints On Possible Rematch With Brock Lesnar, Says ‘Maybe One Day In WWE’

On December 30, 2011, Alistair Overeem made his UFC debut after over a decade of MMA grinding in other smaller promotions including Pride Fighting Championships and Strikeforce. “The Demolition Man” would be tried and tested in his first match in the top promotion in MMA as he would take on former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar. Not only did Overeem prove to the MMA community he belongs in UFC that night, he did so with an exclamation mark by defeating Lesnar via TKO in the first round. Not only that, Alistair Overeem is credited to retire Lesnar too.

Unfortunately, defeating Brock Lesnar is often recognized as Alistair Overeem’s high point of his UFC career. Afterwards, Overeem would fail his pre-fight drug test for his fight against the current UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time, Junior dos Santos. When he was allowed to return to action, Overeem lost back-to-back matches against Antônio Silva and Travis Browne. Overeem did bounce back with wins against Frank Mir, Stefan Sruve, Roy Nelson, and dos Santos (who was no longer champion at the time), but he never got the same glory or respect as he first did when he ended Brock Lesnar.

Roy Nelson is one of the UFC fighters to lose to Alistair Overeem on his current win streak. [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Ergo, whenever Alistair Overeem has the chance to say something about Brock Lesnar, he will usually say it. Once, he even called out Lesnar in the Octagon though Lesnar officially retired from MMA. Now, Overeem was recently asked if he would take on Lesnar in a rematch. Alistair Overeem mockingly said “maybe one day in the WWE.”

Alistair Overeem made such an intention known during a Q&A in London. According to Fox Sports, Overeem was asked about giving Brock Lesnar a rematch, a chance to redeem himself. Mockingly, Overeem answered the question jabbing Lesnar’s current career choice in the process.

“The Brock Lesnar fight? Maybe one day in WWE… when I retire from real fighting.”

What Culture reported Alistair Overeem’s statement was an obvious dig at Brock Lesnar, mocking him and the company he now works for. However, it does open the door of possibility that Overeem might make the jump to professional wrestling when he retires. He has the physique, appearance, and the athleticism to succeed. As for the personality, Overeem could easily be assisted with an advocate or manager, similar to how Lesnar has Paul Heyman. So all in all, a rematch between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem is possible in the WWE if both men truly want it.

At this moment, however, said rematch is a far cry from actually happening. For starters, Alistair Overeem recently resigned with UFC after entering free agency following his last fight, a bout in which he knocked out Junior dos Santos.

As mentioned earlier, Alistair Overeem is on a current win streak in UFC. By resigning with the promotion, Overeem probably has a bigger chance of punching his ticket to a title fight against current UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabrício Werdum or whoever is champion at the time Overeem might become number one contender. If by chance the champion is Werdum, it can be said that Overeem will have the advantage given the fact he defeated Werdum back in Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum.

Finally, if by some chance Alistair Overeem versus Brock Lesnar does happen in an MMA cage, it will be a different fight. Lesnar has his diverticulitis healed and is probably healthier now than he was during the latter half of his UFC career. In turn, Brock Lesnar will probably be more dangerous too.

[Photo by Eric Jamison/AP Images]