Usher Surrounded By Family, “Standing Strong” After Death Of Stepson

Usher’s stepson died on Saturday after being pulled off life-support following a freak jet ski accident. Usher himself is coping with his loss, surrounded by family and friends, reportedly “standing strong,” according to one family member.

Usher’s 11-year-old stepson, Kile Glover, died on Saturday morning after his mother, Tameka Foster (Usher’s ex), made the unfathomable decision to pull her little boy off life support, reports the Huffington Post. Glover’s condition and ultimate fate marked the end of a highly emotional week for Usher, his family, and the family of ex-wife Foster. Now, the singer is surrounding himself with friends and family in order to help him cope with his loss, and is reportedly doing better.

“I’m proud of [him] because he’s standing strong,” Usher’s godfather, Broadway legend Ben Vereen, told HuffPo. “It’s a terrible thing when a parent has to bury their child. No parent should ever have to bury his or her child. I know because I buried one. So please continue your prayers for him and [his] family for strength and healing.”

Glover was pronounced brain dead over a week ago after an accident on Lake Lanier during which he was accidentally struck by a family friend driving a jet ski, reports MTV. Though he was declared brain dead shortly after the accident, he remained on life support for over a week, despite the fact that most neurologists regard being pronounced as brain dead as a no-win situation.

“There is no one that has been declared brain dead that has survived to being functional,” said neurologist Dr. Brent Masel, national director of the Brain Injury Association of America, “They will not get better.”

Usher and Foster have been involved in a tense custody battle over their two children, though that has been put on hold since Glover’s accident. It is not known whether or not the two have made any sort of peace amid the tragedy.

Kile Glover