Andi Dorfman Reveals New Book With Title Juan Pablo Galavis May Just Hate

Andi Dorfman has joined the rest of the girls from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor who want to write their own book. Now Andi’s book will be coming out soon and the title alone is something that may not make Juan Pablo Galavis very happy. Us Magazine shared all about Andi’s new book and what fans can expect from it. The book is called It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After. Of course, if you remember, Juan Pablo used to tell everyone “it’s okay,” even if it wasn’t really at that time.


Andi’s relationship with Juan Pablo Galvis isn’t the one that was so hard on her though. Andi Dorfman’s new book is about her very public split from Josh Murray and moving on from it all. Andi Dorfman shared the details of her book in a release from publisher Simon and Schuster.

“It’s Not Okay was conceived from the personal diary that I kept while dealing with a very public breakup. I wanted to candidly share my struggles after I realized that though everyone experiences heartbreak, they rarely talk about it. With this book, people will be able to see what heartbreak truly looks like; for better or worse and more importantly that through the tears, anger and even hopelessness, comes strength and new beginnings.”

Andi Dorfman did try to find love with Juan Pablo Galavis and it didn’t work out. After that, she moved on to become The Bachelorette and picked Josh Murray in the end, but these two later split as well. Juan Pablo used to always say “it’s okay,” but when Andi Dorman left his season she told him that it was not okay.