Charli XCX: From ‘Boom Clap’ To The Sexy Sounds Of ‘Vroom Vroom’

Say goodbye to the old Charli XCX, who sang the infectious song “Boom Clap” two years ago. The pop star launched her new EP and label under the same name: Vroom Vroom.

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Charli XCX announced that she launched her own label and had an EP on the way. Vroom Vroom has arrived, and it shows a dark and edgier side of the U.K. singer. Charli XCX has revamped her sound with the help of producer Sophie, who worked alongside Diplo on Madonna’s single “B**ch I’m Madonna.”

Vroom Vroom still has most of the attitude and naughtiness that Sucker had, but it’s still not as cohesive. But the production and songwriting makes it her most experimental album to date. On the EP’s title track “Vroom Vroom,” Charli raps that “b**ches know they can’t catch me.” For a four-track album, it’s pretty much all over the place, according to music critics.

Backstage at the 2016 NME Awards, Charli XCX said that her new album is the “most pop” album of her career, although her fans may disagree with her.

“It’s definitely the most pop thing I’ve done. It’s done, it just needs to be mixed. I’ve been working with SOPHIE a lot on it, and Blood Pop and Stargate. I’m not really telling anyone anything apart from that!”

Charli has worked with Stargate in the past. She wrote “Same Old Love” with the Norwegian songwriters and producers for Selena Gomez’s latest album, Revival.

Sasha Geffen of MTV News spoke about Charli’s new EP.

“This is pop music that’s meant to be a little confusing, to acknowledge your expectations and then cheekily deny them so it can do what it wants to do.”

Michael Marotta of Vanyaland agrees.

“More than any of the songs on her first two albums, the four Vroom Vroom tracks leave negative space for Charli to get weird. ‘Paradise’ starts with a chipmunk voice echoing off into the darkness, while ‘Trophy’ breaks its build-up with a flat repetition of a Pulp Fiction sample instead of a predictable dubstep drop. It’s bombastic, it’s weird, it’s chipmunk-esque, it’s hilarious, and at sporadic times Charli’s unmatched pop brilliance flickers through for just a moment. It’s an odd listen all the way through, capped by the 121-second standout ‘Secret.'”

But both critics do agree that Charli’s first EP off her first label shows some promise. Though the pop princess has been known for her super sexy sense of style, she opted for an understated look at Armani’s Milan Fashion Week show. The 23-year-old singer wore a pale blue Armani blouse with gray high-waisted flared trousers. Charli kept the rest of her look simple with a matching clutch and pumps.

The singer pulled her dark brown hair back in a loose low bun, and wore smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick. Charli XCX described the fashion brand as “elegant, sophisticated, and very chic.'”

It was a stark contrast to her wild style following the Brit Awards on Wednesday night. Charli wore a super short plaid skirt with a snakeskin bustier and black motorcycle jacket. The singer also appeared to have too much drink, as she needed someone to help her out of the after-party.

Charli was then escorted into a waiting vehicle where she accidentally flashed the paparazzi as she hopped into the car. Earlier that night, the songwriter wore a vintage lace long gown with a long flowing train in which she paired with clear lucite heels.

Charli XCX
(Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

What are your thoughts on Charli XCX’s new EP? Do you like it more or less than Sucker? Sound off below in the comments section.

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