Will Teaspressa Get A 'Shark Tank' Deal?

Sarah Field

Have you ever considered buying gold-leaf encrusted sugar cubes with a rose infusion? If so, you're in luck. Teaspressa, the Phoenix, Arizona-based company pitching Shark Tank tonight, sells a line of premium sugar cubes with that shiny decorative garnish. If rose isn't your thing, you can try the lavender-infused London Fog cube, or even just raw sugar.

Those sugar cubes might be paired with Teaspressa's main products: gourmet tea shots that make coffee house-inspired drinks. So, of course, this company isn't just about sugar cubes. Teaspressa wants to redefine how you drink your tea: like coffee. The brand revolves around concentrated premium tea shots. Loose leaf teas and tea-making accessories are also on sale.

Teaspressa's founder, Allison DeVane, told ABC15 Phoenix that her Shark Tank experience was a big deal, to be sure -- but it was also a bit of an adrenaline rush. As a small business owner, she was looking for the boost that Shark Tank could offer. She also hoped to inspire other entrepreneurs to take the plunge if they wanted to start a business.

— Jeremy Kapteyn (@jkapteyn) February 26, 2016

DeVane told ABC she recalled her pitch experience as being quick and intense.

"[I have] lots of feelings. If anything, I'm overly excited.

"It's like real, super real life. It all happens so fast."

"It's like real, super real life. It all happens so fast."

"Teaspressa is basically tea that's treated as if it were coffee, which means we may have finally found something to unite tea drinkers and coffee snobs alike. I'll drink to that."

— Teaspressa (@teaspressa) February 21, 2016

Mark Cuban, like the other sharks, passed on Hot Shot Coffee, a canned coffee that stays hot in-store. The Dallas Mavericks owner did offer to give the product a test in his chain of businesses. Earlier this season, Robert Herjavec invested $100,000 in Hungry Harvest, which gives ugly vegetables a second life.

You can watch Teaspressa try to impress the sharks at 9 p.m. on ABC when a new episode of Shark Tank is broadcast. John is not on the panel this evening, but Herjavec, Cuban, Greiner, O'Leary, and Corcoran will hear DeVane's pitch.

[Image courtesy of Teaspressa/Instagram]