Trump ‘Movement’: President Obama’s ‘Failed Presidency’ The Source Of Donald Trump’s Popularity Among Angry Voters?

Donald Trump himself called his unstoppable campaign a “movement” during his rally in Texas on Friday. President Obama reassured the American people that Trump will absolutely not be the nation’s next president. Democrats and Republicans alike are astonished at Trump’s surge in the polls despite rivals trying to take him down a notch or two.

So, what’s behind the so-called Trump “movement”? Fox Business News‘ Stuart Varney believes the answer is one none of the political pundits want to highlight. He says pundits refuse to acknowledge it, but Obama is the source of the “citizens’ righteous anger.”

News Hound recapped what Varney said in a segment of his show about President Obama being blamed for the continuing popularity of Donald Trump, which is seen below.

Varney explains that the pundits have “missed the point” in Trump’s popularity.

“Trump is popular because so many voters have really had it with President Obama,” Varney said. “It is the president who is at the center of the citizens’ righteous anger. The pundits tiptoe around this. They rarely name the president as the source of Trump’s support. It’s usually some vague anger or exclusion.

“‘He’s touched a nerve. He’s using the language of the street to reach everyday people’ or ‘He tells it how it is.’ That’s all true but at the heart of the anger is the failed presidency of Barack Obama.”

Varney also stated that Christians have been marginalized by Obama during his presidency. With the brutal plight and killings of innocent Christians by ISIS, Varney cites it another factor behind Trump’s popularity.

“Many everyday, churchgoing Americans are outraged at the president’s failure to help Christians who are being slaughtered and persecuted around the world. He doesn’t lift a finger,” Varney said.

Trump announced during his Texas rally on Friday that he plans to put more focus on Christians. He said “Christianity is under siege”… promising to take “Happy Holidays” and reverting it back to “Merry Christmas.” It was another way of Trump backing up how far off course he feels the country has veered for the sake of political correctness. He said Christianity becomes “weaker, weaker and weaker.”

Varney accused Obama of trying to get “around the Constitution to make illegals legal” and his “failure to secure the border.” He said people are angry, but it’s not a passing kind of anger over the frustration of today’s politics. Varney defined it as a “burning anger at what President Obama has done and what he has done in our name.”

The Fox Business News host went on to say that pundits won’t address that President Obama is the one he sees as responsible for Donald Trump’s meteoric rise in popularity.

“… Yet again, Donald Trump has turned the political world upside down,” Varney said. “He’s running against the president and his failures and that’s why he’s winning.”

The Washington Post theorizes the reason for Donald Trump’s winning streak has to do with “no significant Republican coalition seriously” ever trying “to oppose him when there was still time for it to work.” The coalition never emerged to stop Trump because the GOP “believed all the analysts who said Trump had no chance.”

U.S. News & World Report reports that an extremely accurate statistician’s model predicts Donald Trump will win if he goes up against Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The stats show that Trump has a 97 to 99 percent chance of winning the general election in November if he becomes the Republican nomination. If this actually occurs, a Trump “movement” will have certainly taken over the nation.

Is President Obama the real reason behind Donald Trump’s surging popularity? Are Americans so angry that they’re willing to vote someone into the White House who was considered a long shot to even get to this point in the presidential race?

[AP Photo/Gary McCullough, AP Photo/LM Otero]