GAME ON! Sarah Palin Slams Blogs & Big Media: “STFU or I’ll Sue!”

No beating around the bush this time – Sarah Palin is the queen of all idiots. That’s my opinion to which I am entitled, but Palin does not want you, dear Americans, to have that opinion or to even persist with hard questions that put her previous and present dealings in the spotlight.

In the wake of her ill-timed, self serving slap in the face to people who elected to have her Govern the State of Alaska, and since she gave absolutely no indication as to why she is resigning, the media frenzy and speculation has, naturally, run rampant. Seasoned political journalists from the likes of CNN, to armchair wonk bloggers and everyone in between have been speculating as to why Palin quit and what her future holds in store.

The stories are leaning all over the map and rightfully so – because we don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s not often a Governor just quits out of the blue and even less often do they do it for no apparent reason.

And amidst all this speculation, Sarah (Einstein) Palin takes to her Twitter account and starts threatening legal action against practically every media outlet, blog and armchair pundit on the internet. In other words: Sarah Palin is threatening to sue you, dear Americans and in particular, Alaskans, the very people who elected her.


One of the links Palin published on her Twitter account leads to a downloadable PDF document. It’s a 4 page letter written by Palin’s Lawyer, Thomas Van Flein. The first three pages go into trying to debunk the claims that Palin might have resigned as Governor of Alaska because of a scandal surfacing surrounding a sports complex, her personal home construction, and a ton of unanswered questions surrounding her tenure as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Then in the second to last paragraph, the Lawyer actually names several sites and one person whom they intend to target with Defamation suits for abusing their right to free speech. Those named are:

The Huffington Post


The Washington Post

The New York Times

And in particular, the person who they’re blaming for starting it all, Liberal Alsaka-based blogger, Shannyn Moore.

This is a link to the full PDF from Palin’s Lawyer.

Read it from beginning to end.

Now tell me – is this how you want to be treated for exercising your right to free speech?

Do you think it’s kosher for your elected officials to be trying to intimidate you for speaking your mind about your government?

What’s next? What if it is true that Palin will be running for the 2012 U.S. Presidential election? She may not succeed then, but in 2016 when Obama is done, she may have a shot at it after campaigning for 7 years.

Will you vote for someone who can’t even take the heat of a few rumors and opposing voices?

Addendum: And to top it all off, Palin posted the threats to her fellow Americans and Alaskans rights and freedom to speak their minds on the night of July 4th – Independence Day – the very day all Americans celebrate their Freedoms that so many brave people have died for throughout the history of the United States of America.