‘Empire’ Spoilers: Hakeem Teams Up With Camilla While Lucious Lyon Turns To Cookie For Help Taking Back The Company

Fox released a brand new trailer for the mid-season premiere of Empire, and it looks like the record-breaking super hit is about to get even better. Fans still have a few weeks to wait before the season 2 resumes but the new teaser for the season 2 mid-season premiere has Empire fans buzzing. Keep reading for Empire spoilers for the mid-season premiere titled “Death Will Have His Day.”

Naomi Campbell is back as the protagonist Camilla for the second half of season 2, according to Den of Geek. In the season 2 mid-season finale, Lucious lost the company and Camilla was named the new president. Now it’s been revealed that Hakeem will couple back up with Camilla to take over Empire. It’s still not clear if Hakeem’s reunion with Camilla is love or if he’s getting close to the enemy in order to get his father’s company back. Right now, all signs point to a love connection because fans already know there’s no love lost between Hakeem and Lucious. Now that he knows his dad tried to pay Camilla to stay away, Hakeem is going to be pretty angry.

Vulture pointed out a few clues from the mid-season premiere pointing toward Hakeem’s alliance with Camilla. In a scene from the brand new trailer, he’s wearing a jacket with British currency on it. He is also holding a scepter with a lion’s paw on it. Is Hakeem the new king of Empire? It’s really starting to look like the youngest Lyon finally got what he wanted and that was to be in charge. Would Hakeem really do that at the expense of his whole family, though?

Lucious Lyon turns to Cookie to figure out how to take back the company together. This is something fans are pretty excited about. We all know that Lucious and Cookie belong together and at some point they will get back together. It just has to happen or Empire fans will feel cheated. There have been several hints that Cookie and Lucious will reunite and Vulture even thinks it will happen before season 2 is over.

Meanwhile, Andre is still reeling over Rhonda’s murder. The trailer shows the eldest Lyon really losing it while already in a mental hospital. How will Andre’s mental illness figure into the investigation? Is it possible that Andre might be implicated in killing Rhonda? Empire truly is a hip hop soap opera and anything is possible as the Fox hit continues to build momentum and viewers. Hopefully, Lucious can put aside his self-loathing that spills over onto Andre in his huge time of need.

As for Laz Delgado, Cookie Lyon is done with that mess. She would never go back to a man who betrayed her the way Laz did. It wouldn’t be too shocking if Cookie confides more information to Lucious and something bad happens to that whole group. Lucious has got it like that and people really seem to forget sometimes.

Speaking of Lucious, he’s got a new rival coming to Empire and fans will meet him in the back half of season 2 as well. Xzibit has been confirmed to be guest starring on Empire. The rapper best known for Pimp My Ride will play the role of Leslie “Shyne” Johnson. Deadling described Xzibit’s upcoming role as “100% wolf and 100% gangster.” Shyne dabbles in the music business too but his main income is guns and drugs. Because of that, Shyne has an issue with others in the music industry who wouldn’t help him move up. One of Shyne’s biggest enemies is Lucious Lyon.

Season 2 returns on March 30 to Fox and we can’t wait to see what the cast of Empire has in store for fans. Tune in to see how Lucious and Cookie plan to take Empire back, and don’t forget to check back with Inquisitr for more Empire spoilers.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]