Quentin Tarantino Wages War Against Disney

Quentin Tarantino feels cheated by an arrangement with Disney and he’s not keeping quiet about it. In fact, he wants the world to know exactly how he feels. Quentin says he had a very specific arrangement that would have had the Los Angeles Cinemarama Dome showing his film, The Hateful Eight, but, instead, the theater extended showings for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Hateful Eight‘s Quentin Tarantino holds a grudge

It’s been several months, since Disney pulled the plug on The Hateful Eight, but Tarantino is showing no signs of letting up. In fact, he may never find it in his heart to give Mickey Mouse another scrap from his table.

“They f***ed me over and I made them a lot of money for Pulp Fiction, and that really is a bad way to treat a former employee who has worked very well for them.”

Disney formally owned Miramax, under which Tarantino directed the hits Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2. The director and producer now says he will never forget the way he was treated by Disney.

“I would never work (with Disney) in any way, shape or form after what they did to me,” Tarantino added, when asked about any future collaborations with Disney.

Quentin says Disney went to the owners of the dome behind his back and said they would pull Star Wars: The Force Awakens from all of their theaters if they showed The Hateful Eight. According to Quentin, this resulted in his film being blacklisted by the theater owners with Star Wars playing in its place. Some suggest, however, that this was the plan from the very beginning and no ill will was ever intended against Tarantino or The Hateful Eight.

Tarantino remarks on the lack of awards for his costume designers

Tuesday night, as Los Angeles hosted the 18th annual Costume Designers Guild awards, Mr. Tarantino was honored with an award for his collaboration efforts. As he accepted the award from Hateful Eight stars Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Quentin criticized the Oscars for never having recognized the costume designers from his films. He suggested that his films had been overlooked in that category, because he doesn’t produce period films and scenes with fancy balls.

“But we do have something else. We have Halloween parties,” Tarantino said, leading into his speech.

“For the last 20 years, I go to Halloween parties and I see a white guy and a black guy dressed as Jules and Vincent [from Pulp Fiction]. I see a girl with blonde hair wearing a yellow track suit with black trim … To tell you the truth, I’ve always considered that maybe the greatest award.”

During his speech, Tarantino said costumes are vital to a film’s success and choosing the right costume is as important as choosing the right actor. By way of an example, Quentin cited his first film, Reservoir Dogs, in which all of the characters were dressed in black. He said he thought it would add to the film, because every man looks better in a black suit and tie. Tarantino added that black suits had a gangster feel to them in the ’90s, when the film was released, which was another aspect of the look he had wanted for Reservoir Dogs.

“And by the time the 90s rolled around, if you wore a black suit, it kind of looked gangster. It kind of looked badass.”

Up next for Quentin Tarantino is a reboot of the 1965 film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! The film revolves around three strippers who run into an elderly man with large sums of cash.

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