James Holmes Was Rejected By Three Women Prior To Aurora Shooting

James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, was apparently prowling for a one-night stand in the days leading up to the “Dark Knight Massacre,” only to be rejected three times.

It was previously reported and later confirmed that James Holmes was an active member on Adult FriendFinder, a website used to arrange one-night stands, group sex, etc. The profile was removed by site administrators. He had apparently been reaching out to multiple women in the weeks leading up to the attack, only to be turned down by each and every one of them, reports TMZ.

Since opening his account on July 5th, he reached out to at least three women who ultimately rejected his advances and refused requests to meet up. According to the celebrity gossip site, one of the women said that Holmes wasn’t even necessarily looking for sex – he was mostly “just looking to maybe chat … nothing sexual.” The woman merely rejected him because he wasn’t her type.

Though Holmes adopted a seemingly harmless approach on a website designed for hook-ups, his profile suggested that he was down for all sorts of lewd acts, that he was primarily looking for a “casual sex” arrangement, that he was open to the possibility of a threesome with a male/female couple, and that he showed interest in attending group sex parties. A screen-cap of his profile can be seen below.

He was also reportedly a member of Match.com, according to The Blaze.

In addition to striking out “romantically,” Holmes was also rejected by a shooting range, according to Politico. He applied to join the Lead Valley Range in Byers on June 25. The owner called the number listed on the application to follow-up and invite Holmes to a mandatory orientation, but the call went to voice-mail. After hearing a “bizarre – guttural, freakish at best,” message, he decided to decline membership to Holmes.

Holmes' Adult FriendFinder profile (now deactivated)