NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Contacted Washington Redskins About Robert Griffin III

NFL rumors about the future of Robert Griffin III are swirling around stronger than ever before right now after the Washington Redskins have officially stated that he would be playing for another team next season. According to Pro Football Rumors, two NFL teams have already contacted the Redskins about acquiring Griffin III. Since the Dallas Cowboys have been listed as one of the potential suitors, they have been thrown into the rumors again.

The Washington Redskins are making the right move by letting Robert Griffin III move on. For a while there, they wanted to keep him around because they felt the need to salvage his career after giving up so many assets to the Los Angeles Rams in order to move up in the draft to choose the former Baylor Bears star quarterback. With all the damage that has been done since he was benched in favor of Kirk Cousins, the Redskins know that it is best for Griffin III to get a change of scenery.

Robert Griffin III is not a bad quarterback. He showed that he was capable of winning football games when he was with the Baylor Bears. Griffin III simply needs to be taught how to win football games on the professional level. Being a star in college and being a star in the NFL are two very different things. Many star college players who have failed in the National Football League have noted just how much quicker the speed is on the professional level, where every player was once the star of their team.

Probably more so than any other NFL team last season, the Dallas Cowboys know the value of having quality players at the quarterback positions. With Tony Romo, they were expected to win the NFC East Division and challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl. A pair of collarbone injuries forced the Cowboys into playing with other quarterbacks. The sub par performances from Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore convinced team owner Jerry Jones that finding another quarterback was a top priority.

Scott Linehan coaching Tony Romo

While Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan is reportedly not a big fan of Robert Griffin III, Jerry Jones has been said to be quite enamored with the 25-year-old quarterback. Last time anyone checked, Jones was still the owner, president, and general manager of the Cowboys. He makes the final calls during the NFL Draft. If Jones felt compelled to add Griffin III as the backup for Tony Romo, then Linehan is just going to have to play nice and go along with the plan.

There’s multiple benefits to the Dallas Cowboys acquiring Robert Griffin III. For starters, he’ll bring excitement to a fan base that is vastly loyal and more than willing to spend money. For the time being, Griffin III would provide a talented and experienced backup for Tony Romo, something that might be needed next season. Lastly, Griffin III would also serve as the quarterback of the future for the Cowboys, once the coaching staff teaches him how to win in the NFL.

Robert Griffin III backing up Tony Romo

There’s also some disadvantages to bringing in Robert Griffin III. The excitement and hope that he brings might turn around and backfire on the Dallas Cowboys. If Tony Romo goes through a bad game or two, there’s going to be a good amount of fans that will call for his head. They will want Griffin on the field right away. Quarterback controversies can ruin a season, and that’s the last thing that the Cowboys need right now.

[Featured Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]