‘The Walking Dead’ Prank War: It’s Andrew Lincoln Versus Norman Reedus

War has broken out on the set of The Walking Dead, but this war only happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. No, it’s not a case of two Walking Dead stars going diva and having a celebrity feud, but a war to see who’s the best prankster, between Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl.) So, Walking Dead fans, are you #TeamRick or #TeamDaryl?

Reedus revealed details of the prank war on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week during one of his many recent interviews on the talk show circuit. He’d already discussed being bitten by a fan during a convention with Jimmy Kimmel, so Reedus gave Walking Dead fans some insight into some of the on-set shenanigans, starting with the origins of this so-called prank war. Specifically, what prompted it and who was to blame.

“[Andrew Lincoln’s] going to kill me. Somebody sent me this license plate that was like an 80s, airbrushed Daryl Dixon with his hair flowing like this, and I put it on his car and he never noticed, so for months he drove around with this on his car. “

andrew lincoln norman reedus walking dead
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus on the set of The Walking Dead. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Once Lincoln discovered what his Walking Dead co-star had done, he threatened to get revenge on Reedus. But before he even had a chance to settle on a plan of action, Reedus took the initiative in a preemptive strike.

“He said he was going to get me back, and he’s trying to plot — he’s really bad at it, to be honest — but the last day of shooting for this last season, he walked into his trailer and I’d filled it full of chickens.”

Say what? Corden seemed flabbergasted that Reedus had played such a nasty prank on his Walking Dead pal and had to clarify an important point on the story Norman had told.

“You were trying to get him back for something he hadn’t done yet… This feels like a very one-sided war.”

Well, pretty much. Reedus said he was practicing good offense by getting in and hitting Lincoln first, launching the counter-strike before #TeamRick even fired. That made The Walking Dead prank war score Reedus: 2, Lincoln: 0. The other losers in this prank were the teamster who had to go get the chickens out of Lincoln’s trailer, which Reedus said didn’t exactly endear him to them.

“I think they hated me.”

The chicken prank isn’t the first time The Walking Dead star has pulled a fast one on Lincoln. While Norman and Andrew were in Japan promoting The Walking Dead in 2014, Reedus misled his co-star about a particular Japanese phrase in this video. You would think after working with Reedus for so long he would know better than to trust him on something like this. Watch the clip below to see The Walking Dead prank war in action.

While the set hi-jinks were the focus of the Reedus segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Reedus was also asked about the future weaponry of his Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon. To be exact, he was asked if his crossbow-wielding rogue would be getting explosive arrow tips in the near future, not that he needed them a couple of weeks ago to blow up some of Negan’s motorcycle gang, but just to amp up his medieval weapon of choice on The Walking Dead.

“Possibly, if I end up in a strip club with Janet Jackson.”

Yeah, Norman, Walking Dead fans will be anxiously awaiting that new development.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC, with the wrap-up discussion series, Talking Dead, immediately after.

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]