James Holmes Makes First Court Appearance

Alleged Aurora movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes made his first appearance in court this morning. Holmes expressed little to no expression as motions in his case were made in the Centennial, Colorado courtroom. James Holmes did not speak during the proceedings and sat with his head downward and eyes frequently half-closed during the bulk of his time in the courtroom, according to the live video feed from Colorado broadcast on Fox News.

The judge first reviewed the mandatory protection order in the Aurora shooting case. James Holmes is barred from communicating with the victim’s families or survivors in any manner. Standard protection requirements relating to the consumption of alcohol or drugs were also a part of the judge’s order to James Holmes. The Aurora theater shooting suspect did appear with the reddish-orange hair shown in earlier photos.

The judge granted a request to limit pre-trial publicity in the James Homes– movie theater shooting case. The exact details relating to publicity and access to the courtroom are not yet known. The defense also presented a motion requesting access to a preserved crime scene at the Century 16 theater and the suspect’s apartment. The “First Advisement” hearing did not include the reading of any charges against James Holmes.

Filing charges against Holmes in the Aurora shooting case are slated for a 9:30 a.m. Hearing next Monday, July 30. the hearing lasted approximately 10 minutes. At the conclusion of the movie theater shooting initial proceedings, James Holmes was transported back to the Arapahoe County jail.


The prospect of bail was not discussed during alleged shooter’s first court appearance. Security was “tight” both in and around the Araphoe Couny Justice Center in Centennial – south of Denver, according to Mercury News. James Holmes is being held in solitary confinement at the county jail. the Holmes hearing was reportedly fairly standard, except the suspect was seated in the jury box with one of his public defenders. The rest of James Holmes public defense team sat at the defense table in front of the gallery where victim’s family members and survivors were allegedly sitting.