‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Talks The Infamous Fan-Biting Incident On Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

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It’s already been confirmed that Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, was bitten at a fan convention by an overzealous fan, but the Walking Dead fan favorite told the whole story on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night. If you didn’t already think the story was weird, wait till you hear how Reedus talks of the woman morphing into a “werewolf.” For a guy on a TV show about a zombie apocalypse, the real world once again proves to be much stranger than fiction.

Kimmel asked The Walking Dead actor about the biting incident after a more recent report that actor Tyler James Williams, who played Noah on the series, had also been bitten. While the facts already revealed were accurate according to Reedus, his spin on the story revealed more interesting details, such as how he was so tired he didn’t heed the warning signs when the fan claimed she liked to pretend she was married to Reedus, and that previously unreported werewolf factor.

“We took this picture and then she sort of morphed into a werewolf. She kinda started to shake like that, and then she went up like this and sort of howled. And then she came down and bit me on the breast, the chest. And then howled again. I kind of went, ‘Ow.’ Then Michael Rooker was there and went, ‘What the f— was that?’ And then a couple of nice officers tackled her to the ground. She was escorted out. And she came outside and she goes ‘What happened?’ And they said ‘Ma’am, you just bit Norman,’ and she goes ‘I did?'”

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Kimmel asked if the Walking Dead fan drew blood, and Reedus denied bloodshed, but told the audience she did leave teeth marks, so it seems like it was a bit more than a little love nip. Kimmel was also concerned with any possible side effects of being bitten by the red-haired super fan, asking him if his hair turned red when the moon was full. Reedus denied any transformations on his end, but compared the fan frenzy that came over his Walking Dead fan to a moment in a legendary science fiction film.

“No, but you know it was like, remember that movie Total Recall, where the lady goes ‘ahhhh!’ and pulls her head off and throws it? It was sort of like that… I mean she was a nice lady, but she had an episode.”

Reedus went on to explain that he understood how Walking Dead fans — or any fans — can get caught up in the moment and how he has had his own fanboy moments, as well. Reedus told a story about being on an airplane and sitting behind comedian and actor Martin Short, but The Walking Dead star was “too nervous to say hi,” so he took a photo of the back of his head instead.

“And then the plane got up to wi-fi level, and then somebody sent me a picture of the back of my head from the same plane. So I mean, I get it. I do it, too.”

the wlaking dead norman reedus
So there you go, Walking Dead fans. All this time you probably thought you were being too shy or weird if you saw Reedus or another Walking Dead actor and were afraid to speak to them. You have something in common with Norman Reedus, which is a good thing.

However, please keep yourself out of biting range if you are prone to “episodes” or during the full moon. Reedus and The Walking Dead cast will thank you for it. The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9 p.m. ET.

[Photo by: Gene Page/AMC]