Jodie Sweetin Comes Full Circle From 'Full House' To Drug Addiction And Back To 'Fuller House'

Pam Wright

Jodie Sweetin's return to Netflix' Fuller House comes with a sense of victory for the actress best known as the middle child, Stephanie Tanner, on the popular 1990s television show Full House.

As reported by Elle magazine, life has come full circle for the 34-year-old actress, who has shared that the years following her stint on Full House were filled with trauma, addiction and darkness.

In an interview with Complex, Sweetin admitted that she struggled with substance abuse by the time she was 14. By the age of 25, she said she was spending the money she made on Full House — up to $10,000 at a time — on drugs. Much of that money came from the residuals she made from reruns of the show.

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Since then, Jodie has turned her life around and says she is excited to return to Fuller House sober and well.

The actress credits her Full House castmates for helping her get through her darkest days.

"When people are like, 'Oh you guys kept in touch' I am like no, we practically live at each other's houses. I grew up as an only child so Candace [Cameron] and Andrea [Barber] were like the closest thing that I had to real sisters."

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Having young children is one reason the women have maintained their ties. Sweetin said their kids have bonded over watching the show that made their moms famous.

"Our daughters are both about eight years old and I go to watch TV with my kids and its either Disney shows that I can't watch, or it's like television that's really more for adults, or just cartoons. There's not a lot of the co-watching stuff where you can sit down and everybody watches together. Like you said, our generation is huge fans of the show and my kids watch the show now, so they are thrilled to be able to sit and watch something together."

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"We are so comfortable with one another and we really are sisters. It's beyond friends, we are as close as sisters could be, it's amazing."
"We've all seen each other grow up and go through everything in life, so to be able to bring that back onscreen is awesome."

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In the end, Bure says what matters most is their loyalty to each other come what may.

"We have each other's backs. I think that's cool. In any industry it doesn't matter which one, there is always competition and there can be healthy competition, but when you are genuinely close friends or as close as sisters, you've got each other's backs. So we all want to make sure we're all doing the best job we can, and looking as great as we can, being seen in the best light as possible, and if we see that within one another, that someone's not treating someone well, we all just step up for one another."

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