Dennis Rodman Reaches Child Support Payment Agreement With Baby Mama

Former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman and his baby mama have struck a deal that will keep the former b-baller out of jail as he continues to pay her the more than $250,000 owed in child support.

As we previously reported Mr. Rodman has had a hard time paying child support because he is earning only a small fraction of what he earned while playing in the NBA.

In April a warrant was issued for Rodman’s arrest after he failed to pay one of his baby mama’s $179,000 in child support, Rodman’s lawyer quickly told a judge he would fight the bill which led to the removal of the arrest warrant.

Since April the child support bill has swelled to $253,000.

Apparently Rodman and longtime lawyers Bradford Cohen and Vanessa Prieto showed up in court earlier this month where they worked out a child support payment agreement that satisfied the court and more importantly The Worms ex.

Settling the case was an important step for Dennis Rodman, deadbeat dads in Florida can be thrown in jail if they fail to make child support payments setup by the court.

To begin the repayment process Dennis Rodman paid $5,000 upfront and will now begin to make monthly installment payments.

The battle is not over yet, Rodman still argues that because his income has drastically fallen a judge should lower his principle payments.

This is not the only Dennis Rodman child support case on the books, Rodman claims to owe his ex-wife in California more than $800,000 in child support.