FOX Confirms 'Bones' Renewal For 12th And Final Season

Alexandria Ingham

FOX has confirmed that Bones is definitely being renewed for a 12th Season, and it will definitely be the last. CEOs of Fox Television Network Dana Walder and Gary Newman made the announcement, making fans around the world extremely happy.

There had been worries that Bones would not get a renewal and that the show would not get a full ending. The Hollywood Reporter shares that lawsuits last year made the network to debate whether Bones would continue after Season 11. Executive producer Barry Josephson started it off claiming he had been cheated out of show profits, and that was followed by main stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel filing similar lawsuits. In January, Walden and Newman confirmed that they had been unsure about the renewal, saying that the show had enough time to write a fulfilling ending.

— BONES (@BONESonFOX) February 26, 2016

Bones will return in the 2016/2017 season, but with a shorter episode-run. There will only be 12 episodes, rather than the 22, which will take the total number of episodes up to 246 for the year. According to FOX, Bones is one of the longest-running programs on the network.

Very little has been shared about the last season, as writers and showrunners continue to work on Season 11. It will mean that fans definitely get a fulfilling ending, as the writers now have plenty of time to craft something. It is unknown when in the 2016/2017 schedule the final season will air, and it is possible that it will be during the mid-winter break for regular shows.

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Many fans thanked FOX for giving Bones the chance to finish up the storytelling. Too many shows are cancelled at the last minute, and various storylines are left open. Witches of East End was cancelled by Lifetime after its Season 2 finale, leaving all the loose ends from that open. Fans were left outraged and annoyed that they never got to know how it all ended.

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