Minka Kelly Sex Tape Making The Rounds, Going To Highest Bidder

is rumored to have a sex tape and if reports are correct someone is shopping that tape around to major players in the adult film business.

The seller is believed to be offering the film to the highest bidder however at least one source says the sale could be complicated by the fact that Minka may have been underage at the time the flick was shot.

The Mink Kelly sex tape is believed to be about 30-minutes long and shot in New Mexico with her ex-boyfriend.

Reports suggest the video was shot while the camera sat atop a tripod and was hooked up to a TV monitor so Minka and her BF at the time could watch themselves on video. Sources say Minka is aware that the tape exists but has not chosen to speak publicly about the sex tape at this time.

Verifying Minka’s age at the time of the video could be the hardest part, two songs from Brandy’s second album “Never Say Never” can be heard playing in the background and that album was released on June 8, just 16 days before Minka turned 18.

At least one source has questioned whether the Brandy songs were added at a later time in order to give the appearance of Minka being at least 18-years-old in the video.

Who is selling the video is still a mystery and Minka’s reps are not returning calls or responding to emails with more information at this time.

So I have to ask…would you watch a Minka Kelly sex tape?