February 26, 2016
Vicente Fox Tells Donald Trump To 'Pay For His Own F*****g Border Wall'

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has lambasted Donald Trump's plan to make Mexico fund a massive wall along its northern border.

The Republican presidential front-runner has made the repeated assertion that, if elected president, he would oversee construction of a border wall in order to slash illegal immigration – and Mexican officials would have to foot the bill.

Yet according to Vicente Fox, who served as Mexico's president until 2006, Trump should pay for his own "f*****g wall."

"I'm not going to pay for that f*****g wall," Fox told Fusion's Jorge Ramos on Thursday. "He should pay for it. He's got the money."


Fox's assertion directly echoes that of presidential successor Felipe Calderón, who told CNBC at the start of February that Mexicans would not contribute anything to help fund a prospective President Trump's "stupid wall."

"Mexican people, we are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall," Calderón said. "And it's going to be completely useless. If this guy pretends that closing the borders to anywhere … is going to provide prosperity to the United States, he is completely crazy."

In addition to his blunt assessment of Trump's border wall proposal, Vicente Fox also accused the real estate mogul of being a "false prophet" who would ultimately hurt Mexican-American communities.

The Republican front-runner's Hispanic support base has been drying up ever since he announced his intention to run for president. Trump infamously kicked off his campaign last summer by insinuating in a marathon speech that the majority of Mexicans coming into the U.S. were either "rapists" or drug smugglers.

In a recent poll conducted by The Washington Post and Univision, just 7 percent of Hispanic voters said they still supported Trump's presidential bid.

Yet despite polling rock-bottom among Hispanic voters, Trump actually managed to win 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in Tuesday's Nevada caucus. The key demographic undeniably helped him to skate past opponents Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in the state contest, earning Trump 14 Republican delegates.

Donald Trump victory speech in Nevada
Republican front-runner Donald Trump won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in Tuesday's Nevada caucus. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]"I'd like to know who those Hispanics are, because they are followers of a false prophet," Fox shot back on Thursday. "He's going to take them to the desert, and if they think that they will benefit with an administration led by Donald Trump, they're wrong."

In closing, Fox made a desperate appeal to all Hispanic voters in the U.S. to turn their backs on Trump and his campaign promises.

"Please, you Hispanics in the US, open your eyes," Fox said. "It is not to defend our race, it is not to defend our creed, but to defend the same nation that is hosting you. This nation is going to fail if it goes into the hands of a crazy guy."

For his part, Donald Trump wasted no time firing back at Vicente Fox via his favorite mode of communication.

When confronted with Fox's statements again at Thursday night's Republican debate on CNN, Trump doubled down by arguing the wall "just got 10 feet higher."

"This guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television, and he should be ashamed of himself," Trump said. "Mexico will pay for it, because they are not doing us any favors."

Despite Thursday's attack, Trump is still expected to win the lion's share of delegates on Super Tuesday.

According to pollsters at RealClearPolitics, Trump is set to take all of next week's Republican primaries, bar Texas and Colorado.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]