New York Mayor Accused During Public Meeting Of Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife [Video]

A resident of Spring Valley, New York, accused Mayor Demeza Delhomme of allegedly being a homewrecker.

The disputed testimony occurred during a open-to-the-public meeting on Tuesday night.

Spring Valley is located about 22 miles north of Manhattan.

“A Rockland County village meeting on Tuesday night erupted into Jerry Springer-levels of chaos when a town resident took the microphone and started blasting Mayor Demeza Delhomme for sleeping with his wife,” the New York Daily News explained.

The accuser, identified as Reginald Alfred, 48, walked up to the microphone in Spring Valley town hall and claimed during the public comment period that “Mr. Delhomme is trying to use his power to get into my house. He destroyed my house. He destroyed my family. I have two daughters…”

As part of his discourse, he added that “I saw him in my house for Thanksgiving with the food inside.”

See video of the tumultuous discussion, which also involves audience participation, that goes on for about 10 minutes embedded below.

In the footage, Mayor Delhomme, a Democrat, insisted that he never met Alfred before and doesn’t know him.

The dialogue, however, prompted a town councilor to demand of the mayor, “You screwed his wife and you say you don’t know him?”

Later, when asked if he knows the wife in question, Delhomme claimed that “I know everybody in this community.”

At one point in the verbal free-for-all, a resident in the audience chimed about Delhomme that “If you really did this, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to be a counselor, to take care of families, not destroy them….shame on you.”

As things wind down, another member of the council suggests that Reginald Alfred file a police report.

Mayor Delhomme, in turn, told the New York Post that he filed a police report, and also declared that two other councilors put Alfred up to making the accusation for political reasons. He also acknowledged that Alfred’s wife “worked at the bank he goes to, but wouldn’t say whether he knew her personally.”

“Tuesday’s outburst was the latest in a series of disputes— personal and political — that have all but paralyzed the day-to-day business of government. In a tumultuous two years, Delhomme and other trustees have been accused of a litany of profane outbursts and insensitive comments,” the Journal News reported.

In August 2014, Mayor Delhomme spent a night in jail for failing to open enough doors to a children’s camp after a judge ruled that he was in contempt of court.

The mayor has also found himself in several other scandals, according to the Daily News and other news outlets, including alleged anti-Semitism. “Adultery aside, the mayor has had a long history of corruption allegations, including asking public workers to install a generator at his girlfriend’s home during the historic blizzard in January…He’s also vowed to vote against all building permits by Jewish developers, illegally bought a new car, declared himself the ‘king of the village’ and opened a school without any building inspections.”

Delhomme won the mayor’s election by defeating an incumbent who was facing federal corruption charges. In August 2015, a judge sentenced the former mayor to four years in prison along with a $20,000 fine.

On Monday, the political also seemed to get personal when two Dallas, Texas, candidates for public office and long-time political foes almost came to blows during a debate at a gospel radio station when one accused the other of sleeping with his wife. Another candidate in the studio recorded part of the incident on his cell phone.

[Photo by Seth Wenig/AP)