James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Punished With Solitary For Masturbation, Claims He Was Set Up By Prison Guard

James “Whitey” Bulger has been punished for masturbating alone in his prison cell around 3 a.m. on June 1, while serving at U.S. Penitentiary Coleman II in Sumterville, Florida.

Prison documents obtained by the Boston Globe show that Whitey was given a 30-day solitary confinement sentence for his solo sex act. Additionally, Bulger was punished with no access to any of his private property for that time period, nor did he have commissary or e-mail privileges for four months.

James 'Whitey' Bulger cool with masturbating in jail punishment
It took nearly three decades to get James 'Whitey' Bulger in prison, but it seems like that may not have been punishment enough. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

That punishment is being contested by Whitey himself, who says that he was not masturbating at all. Instead, Bulger says that he was applying an ointment to his genitals due a fungal infection that he was suffering from. When Whitey was asked why he did not seek medical attention for the issue, he responded that he felt uncomfortable doing so because of the female nurses who he would have to inform of his problem.

At Bulger’s trial for the masturbation offense in June, he was indignant about the punishment being handed down to him. Whitey claimed that the guard had set him up and even said he would be willing to go further to prove his innocence.

“I’ve never had any charges like that in my whole life. I’m 85 years old. My sex life is over… I volunteer to take polygraph test to prove my answer to this charge.”

Bulger’s time in punishment in solitary, however, is long gone. Still, Whitey is appealing the sanction to avoid it lingering on his record.

Another odd tidbit revealed by the documents was Bulger’s reasoning for having the lights on when the prison guard entered his cell to find him reportedly masturbating. Though it was voluntary and not as a punishment, Whitey claims to have participated in an LSD experiment while serving time in Atlanta in the 1950s. Bulger says that he and other inmates were lied to about the nature of the study and were actually a part of MKUltra, the Central Intelligence Agency project to use LSD as a mind control tool.

“I sleep with the lights on 24 hours a day because I have psychological problems (horrible nightmares) due to my being on a medical project called MK-Ultra. Until 1979, I thought I was insane.”

Whitey’s story about his imprisonment more than 60 years ago shows just how long the convict has been pursuing a life of crime. Bulger’s first charge, for larceny, was at the age of 13. At age 27, he landed himself in federal prison for nine years after a failed bank robbery. After getting out, he held a terrifying hand over South Boston through methods of violence and other forms of intimidation that kept his business of organized crime running smoothly. In the end, James was wanted for 19 counts of murder and an exhaustive list of other charges, reported The Village Voice.

James Whitey Bulger masturbates and gets punished for it
Nobody misses Jamey 'Whitey' Bulger in south Boston. His reign of terror is, for some victim's families, still not effectively punished. (Photo by FBI/Getty Images)

James “Whitey” Bulger’s punishment for masturbation probably wouldn’t have been quite the news event a year after the fact if it weren’t for his recent surge in popularity. After Johnny Depp portrayed him in the 2015 film, Black Mass, renewed interest in the controversial figure spiked. Some of the families of Whitey’s victims even complained that it unfairly immortalized the killer. Of course, Bulger himself wasn’t exactly pleased about the movie either.

[Image via Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images and Government Handout]